The Best Baby Shower Gifts to Give in 2021

Each parent will register for different items that suit their style of parenting, but like the famous Sex and the City nappy cake that was the baby shower gift amongst Upper Eastsiders in 2002, there are always some gifts that are trendy, new, must-haves. Luckily, in 2021 the items that reach this high status fit a much tougher brief. They've got to look good, work hard, be more than they appear and above all, make a new parent's life easier. Dismantling a cellophaned structure to get a nappy isn't easy, and yes Charlotte, we know that there was lotion and bottles in there too. Ahead the best, decidedly "it", baby shower gifts to give (and register for) in 2021.

1. The Fully Loaded Bunnie Caddie 


The Bunnie Caddie is the chicest gift to give at the moment, and not just because it looks totally adorable packed with tiny nappies and a soft toy, though it totally does. The Bunnie Caddie has a multitude of uses but from the very beginning it's an amazing thing to take into the hospital with all your newborn gear ready to go. The Bunnie Caddie Fully Loaded Gift Set is exclusive to the memo and does the caddie packing for you. Tooshies Newborn Nappies and Wipes, La Clinica Hand Sanitiser, Bunjie Nappy Cream, Miffy Teddy, Wot Not Biodegradable Bags and The Casey Co. Brush Set are all included. Can you say MVP?

2. Leander Matty

This change mat is firmly in the IYKYK parenting space. It's superior because it's leak-proof, hygienic, wipe-cleanable and takes away another thing you'd have to wash. Why? Because the Matty is made from PUR (polyurethane foam) which means it's robust and sturdy but soft to touch, so you don't need to add a fabric layer (like a cover or a towel) before you put your baby down.

3. Miffy Toy

No baby room is complete without a corduroy Miffy toy. Miffy and friends have been crowd pleasers for all ages and genders for over 65 years and it's got to be because the aesthetic is so totally cool. They're fashion, they're fun, they're absolutely going to get an "awwww" from expecting parents.

4. JNR.LIFE Play Mat

New parents will be thrilled to be given something for baby that isn't going to clash with their own decor. These incredibly versatile play mats can be rolled up or down for use in playroom, bedroom or living spaces and your little one won't age out of it, maybe ever - they'd make gorgeous additions to grown-up interiors. The padding is cushioned and soft for tummy time and is tough enough to withstand the rolls, tumbles and sticky fingers of little ones.

5. Snotty Noses Snotty Boss Nasal Aspirator

Very much a WTF product. Depending on how well-researched the parent-to-be is, they'll either be horrified or very grateful. Eventually, they'll all be very grateful. The Snotty Boss exists because babies can't blow their noses, but they can still get very snotty and congested. It has battery powered suction (so much better than models that require you to do the sucking) to remove snot from your baby’s nose gently and safely in ten seconds. Helping them breathe, feed and sleep better. It’s a natural, easy and lactation consultant-endorsed solution for the treatment of colds, flu, sinus, allergies, teething and virus related congestion and runny nose. Smart. Still gross. But smart.

6. New Arrival Gift Set

It's traditional at a baby shower to get a set of the care essentials. In years gone by, that meant some giant bottles of very unnatural lotions and powders, but thankfully today, many baby washes and creams only have the good stuff and smell utterly divine. The memo New Arrival Gift Set has all the care MVPs you'll be using regularly from day one: Dr Bronner Four in One Soap, The Casey Co. Three Piece Brush Set, The Nail Snail Trimmers, Being Bootie Balm and the Oricom Digital Bath and Room Duck Thermometer. Which will becomes every new parent's favourite thing. You have no idea how many times you'll call out, "hey, where's the duck?" to your partner and they'll know exactly what you're talking about.