FYI: These Are Our Best-Selling Baby Products

FYI: These Are Our Best-Selling Baby Products

By Alexandra Whiting   |  

The stuff we pack and ship more than anything else because they are most-beloved, most-recommended and make parenting a whole lot easier.

As a business, we're all about finding the best, and leaving the rest. We know you've got a lot on right now, like becoming a mum or dad, and don't have time to compare "20 of the best baby bouncers" (seriously, those lists exist). We aim to make your baby shopping as streamlined as possible by doing all the searching and evaluating for you. While everything we sell is the best in it's category, some of them are our best sellers. The stuff we pack and ship more than anything else because they are tip-top performers, most-beloved, most-recommended and make parenting a whole lot easier. We thought we'd let you know exactly what they are, and why. Ahead, our top ten best sellers.

5. Comotomo Baby Bottles

Comotomo Baby Bottles

These bottles have a longtime cult following because they were some of the first bottles to mimic they shape (and squishiness) of a boob. We sell the 250ml size (because it's easier to just put less in it to begin with than buy all new bottles) and mostly sell them as duos (because you need more than one). We also sell a lot of the replacement teats because the bottles can last through multiple children, but you might need to refresh the teats. The bottle that helps you "see the light" as fan Zoë Foster Blake puts it. They're currently out of stock, but the Elhee, Ola Baby and Haakaa Baby Bottles are exceptional boob-inspired bottles.

4. Bibs Dummies

Bibs Dummies

Buying dummies can be confusing, rushed and a bit guilt-inducing (there's so many conflicting opinions about how they affect feeding and sleep, FYI, we say do what works for you). There are a lot of different types too, but the people who know recommend the old school style which Bibs nails with durable, natural materials and beautiful colours. We sell them in two packs, because it is the way of dummies that they get lost, thrown, contaminated, and, in case you're curious, blush is the most popular colour.

3. All 4 Ella Pram Pegs

All 4 Ella Pram Pegs

In the future, when your kids have way outgrown the pram, you'll find yourself, on occasion, thinking, a pram peg would solve this. They are robust, perfectly sized and a solution to so much. Cheifly attaching a muslin wrap to the pram for shade, but you'll find yourself using them for so much more, including fort building.

2. Silverette


Another new addition that has blown us away with its popularity and effectiveness. In short, these solid silver nipple covers provide pain relief and antibacterial protection to breastfeeding nipples. Particularly in the early stages of establishing feeding. I, and many others, have waxed lyrical on how much I wish I had them with my son, and have personally bought multiple pairs for friends. And so have a lot of people seeing as they are number two on the list! Mums around the world are ever so grateful for the Italian silversmiths crafting these beauties every day. Something I like to think about when I'm falling to sleep at night.

1. Leander Matty Change Mat

Leander Matty Change Mat

Drumroll please! The number one, most-sold, week-after-week product on The Memo is the one and only Leander Matty Change Mat. So entirely unique, Leander rethought the change mat and created a durable, wipeable, no-cover-required change mat that's become a staple in every well-thought-out baby's room. It's now available in four colours: cappuccino, grey, pink and blue. Cappuccino is the favourite, and yes we totally think that's just a little because parents love coffee.

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"Functional, easy to wear and fits all the stuff", is the brief and this backpack delivers. It ticks that all-important box of being nice and light, so when you load it up, it doesn't get too heavy, and in addition to back straps it has a top handle so you can carry it like a tote. The real appeal of the Aluxo backpack is that it's so unassuming, it could be a normal work bag, but has all the features. It includes a change mat, five internal pockets for organisation, three insulated baby bottle holders, two external pockets for water bottles and baby wipes, and a key leash.

What is colostrum and why should you be collecting it? Colostrum is the first milk you produce when starting breastfeeding, and for some, it can be expressed before the baby arrives. It's the ideal nourishment for a newborn: highly concentrated, full of protein and nutrients, easy to digest and brimming with components that start their development in the best possible way. With that in mind, you can see why you'll want to catch every drop and a lot of mums are now using those last weeks of pregnancy to stock up, using these medical-grade silicone colostrum collectors. Stick them in the freezer in the plastic holder case and then take them to the hospital when it's go time. Expect a goldstar from the midwives.

There is one reason these wipes are in our top ten: they're the best. Oh, and you need a lot of them. So two reasons. They are no-brainers: organic, no fragrance, no chemicals and they're biodegradable. So good for the planet too. We sell them in bulk, because that's how you want them.

Since we launched Bunnie Caddie, it's been a hit. It's sold out time and time again because it is all solution and style. Made from premium felt fabric and boasting a sturdy base, has nine functional pockets and four removable dividers that can be used to support and organise all your changing essentials: nappies, wipes, creams, muslin cloths and some things to keep your baby distracted and entertained during changing time. It also has a heap of other uses that you'll discover as your baby grows.

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