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Behind the scenes with Trove founders and IRL BFFs Mizpah King and Lydia Kirkland.

Since bursting on the scene with their cult accessory brand Trove, stylish Sydney-siders Mizpah King (mum to Polly and Monty) and Lydia Kirkland have been all systems go building a jewellery brand that makes smart women feel good. This dynamic duo share their secrets behind how they've built a beautiful friendship and a brand that is as fun as it is effortless.

And as a special treat for all the memo customers, until stocks last, all orders over $200 will receive a Trove silk scrunchie, to help make your mum bun look a little more glam.

How long have you known each other?
MIZPAH: We are third cousins but interestingly, we have only known each other for two and a half years!

What was the inspiration behind Trove?
MIZPAH: Our brand has evolved so organically…but I think the evolution of the brand is mostly about helping people feel good! It always comes back to that…we want women to feel amazing in themselves and if this is made possible by throwing on a beautiful pair of earrings of a cute necklace, then we are HERE FOR IT!

How do you split your roles? Who does what?
MIZPAH: We share a lot of roles, but one of my bigger roles is product photography. Our products are ever changing so this keeps me busy! I also do some of the graphic design (the more technical side), video editing and I am the website developer! But in saying that, no decision is ever made alone. We are constantly chatting on the phone or via messages to make sure we agree!
LYDIA: What she said! I tend to do more of the marketing and social media side of
things. While I feels a bit ‘against the rules’ not to have super clear cut role, given
there’s just the two of us, it’s easy to share roles and bounce ideas off one another – we have made it work so far, anyway!

What’s the secret to a strong business relationship between friends?
MIZPAH: Well, we are family, but also best friends. Our motto is honesty. We both feel that we can be honest with each other.
LYDIA: We both just find joy in Trove! It means that while it’s certainly ‘work’, we
genuinely love what we do and having someone else to share that with is priceless.

What is Lydia’s superpower?
MIZPAH: Woah…where do I even start? Lydia has so many amazing qualities but I think the one that sticks out to me the most is the way she backs herself, and us as a brand. The sky is literally the limit for Lydia and it is very much thanks to her that we have been able to spread the Trove word as far as we have. I’m so grateful to her for teaching me that nothing is impossible.

What is Mizpah’s superpower?
LYDIA: She is a fantastic negotiator, a skill I would argue she quickly needed to adopt early on thanks to her now 5-year-old daughter who likes to negotiate every part of her day and has done since she could speak! Mip also humanises the saying: “where there is a will, there’s a way”. Give the girl a challenge and it’ll happen. Promise you!

As business owners, life can get hectic. How do you make sure you get time to yourselves? How do you chill out?
MIZPAH: I love a dance party with the kids! I also try to exercise, sometimes at home, and sometimes I just need to blast really loud music in my ears and run (I particularly like doing this at around 5pm so I can get out of feeding time at the zoo aka. My kid’s dinner time!)
LYDIA: I love putting my phone away and spending time with my hubby! We are also suckers for blasting tunes and have a jig after a tough day (must run in the family). In iso, I’ve found a deep love for puzzles and found it’s like mediating for me. I completely zone out of everything else that’s going on in the world. It’s nice, you should try it.

Did you relationship change after Mizpah become a mother?
MIZPAH: We didn’t know each other before I was a Mumma. We met when I was about 5 months pregnant with my second bub…I do remember saying to Lydia when I was pregnant, ‘I promise I’ll be so much more fun when I can have a glass of wine with you!’. Do you agree Dia?
LYDIA: Dia is short of Lydia, by the way…. But, yes I agree! I certainly don’t hate
sharing a glass or two with Mip. She is honestly the most incredible mother to her two darlings (my adopted godchildren) and I’ve learnt a lot from watching her nurture them through their different stages. I hope I become half the mother she is one day.

As a a new mum Mizpah, what were some of the most powerful acts of kindness you received?
MIZPAH: I think one of the most powerful acts of kindness I received from my friends was being given the time to just ‘be’ with my newborn without any pressure of catching up/feeling bad about not catching up! They still kept in touch…but gave me that time at the very start just to enjoy our new little family. Sometimes less is more….

What’s one thing you wish you were told about motherhood?
MIZPAH: I remember bringing home my little girl (my first bub) and it suddenly hit me that I was responsible for the most precious, helpless little soul. To be honest though, I don’t even think you can prepare a Mum for all of the things we feel…lots of them come through becoming a mumma.

You’re a busy woman, how do you stay organised and connected to your friends?
MIZPAH: I’m fortunate that lots of my friends have kids so we use play dates/running the kids around the park/walking the dog as a quick catch up over a takeaway coffee! If it’s a friend who doesn’t have kids…they’re usually happy to come along on said play dates anyway!

What’s next for Trove?
LYDIA: A big focus this year is to expand our skillsets so we can continue spread to
Trove word in ways we haven’t been able to before. We’d also really love to dip our toes into the children’s accessory market… Can Rona just be over already, please? We’ve got things to do!

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