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How to choose a breast pump

To express milk for your baby, you’ll need a breast pump. Expressing is an art unto itself. For some mums, it’s a necessity. For others, a way of aiding routine or to gain a bit of independence. For others, it comes into play when transitioning back to paid work. For some, it’s used as a dream feed, so a new mum can get more shut-eye whilst their partner does the feed. Breast pumps have come a long way, and like advances in sleep devices, there is much to filter through. Feeling overwhelmed? Joelleen Winduss Paye, IBCLC from JWP Care is here to help you choose the right pump for you. She explains how long breastpumping usually takes, what a medical grade pump does better, how a portable pump can give you independence, and the difference between double and single breastpumps.

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