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Bring on a good night’s sleep with the Ergopouch Cocoon swaddle bags. Keep them snug and secure in the easiest swaddle you’ll ever use.

Wondering how to get your newborn to sleep? We’ve all been there, and believe us when we say we’ve tried everything! One of the best places to start is considering what you’re sending your baby to sleep in.

Swaddling is a tried and tested method of dressing a newborn to send them off to the land of zzz’s in a cinch. Why? Swaddling helps contain startle reflex while keeping your baby snug and feeling protected.

However, it’s often more difficult than the capable nurses at the hospital make it look. If you’re struggling with the swaddling method, investing in a swaddle bags is one of the best things you can do.

The ErgoPouch Cocoon swaddle bags are absolutely foolproof, and instantly swaddle your child with just one zip. The two-in-one bag transitions from arms-in swaddling for newborns, to an arms-out sleep bag once they start rolling too. Made from organic cotton and bamboo, the bags allow delicate skin to breathe easily.

What’s even more impressive about these swaddle bags is the fact they come with a TOG rating. You can take a read of our article that explains TOG rating on our blog, but basically it means you’re choosing a material that is marked as safe for the temperature of the room your child is sleeping in during the different seasons.

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