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8 products

About Little Wiwa

Little Wiwa was created by husband and wife duo, Shanti and Paul, from Melbourne Australia after the birth of their son. Shanti was frustrated with the available play mats on the market as she couldn’t find any that were both PVC-free for safety, yet also suited her minimalist taste. Inspired from this experience to create their own baby play mats, Little Wiwa was born!

Baby Play Mat

If you’re looking for the safest and most aesthetically pleasing padded play mat, Little Wiwa has what you need! All these baby play mats are made from 100% sustainable and non-toxic foam and are also free from PVC, BPA and toxic chemicals. All of the Little Wiwa mats are waterproof, so should any accidents happen, they’re easily cleaned up. Even better, the mats are also biodegradable, making them an eco-friendly choice. They’re a reliable and safe option for your babies to begin to play and roll around on.

Play Mat Australia

At the memo, we stock a curated edit of our favourite Little Wiwa play mats. The mats come in a range of minimalist Scandi-designs and are all reversible offering you two colour options in one mat. Choose from soft green or pinks, all with a reversible neutral nude shade. If you’re looking for different shapes or colours, discover our full collection of play mats from other popular brands including Jnr. Life.

When you buy your Little Wiwa play mat at the memo, you can enjoy a range of other benefits like free delivery over $99, click and collect, plus a 30 days’ trial period. Plus, we offer flexible payment methods like AfterPay to give you the option to pay for your items in the most convenient way!

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