Soft, soothing and comfortable cushion for your breast pump proudly designed in Melbourne, Australia by Milkdrop.

Milkdrop is an ultra-soft, medical-grade silicone pad that stretches over the head of your breast pump to make pumping softer, more natural-feeling and far more comfortable. Designed by women who have had to pump themselves, this cushion will make pumping more comfortable by giving you a softer interface between your breast and the pump head. Not just any old breast pump insert, Milkdrop is made from silicone that is 10x softer than your pump head, and the ridges on the back of the cushion are designed to mimic the motion of your baby suckling; you might even feel them gently massaging your nipple while you pump. Milkdrop will support and mould to your nipple and areola, preventing them from being over-sucked into the pump shaft. Perfect for providing comfort and relief for sore, elastic, swollen or cracked nipples still adjusting to breastfeeding and pumping.

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