Italian luxury leather minus the markup. All Vestirsi bags are made in Italy, the birth place of the world's finest leather. This premium material, combined with handmade production by Italian leather artisans means each Vestirsi bag is an exceptionally well made, quality product.

At the memo, we stock a curated edit of beautiful bags from Vestirsi. Consider them your luxe nappy bag for when you need space to fit *all the stuff* but you don't want to compromise on style. Vestirsi creates Italian leather handbags made specifically for the smart modern woman, and now as a new mum herself, Monica sees the need for a nappy bag that doesn’t look like a nappy bag.

Choose from Vestirsi bags Simone or Monica. Both bags are made from beautiful black leather. Simone is a little deeper and wider and features a belt style design whilst Monica is a little slimmer but still a large carry-all tote bag.

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Ready to buy Vestirsi bags in Australia? When you shop at the memo, take you can enjoy free delivery Australia-wide on all orders over $149*. Plus, we give you 30 days from your purchase date to make a return or exchange (some exclusions apply). We also offer flexible payment methods (hello AfterPay), because we get that having a baby is expensive and we want to give you options to pay in the most convenient way for you.