Good Vibes Bathtime Playlist

Sometimes getting a toddler into the bath requires a degree in negotiation. A feat only out-weighed by trying to get them out. Yes, it makes no sense. Bath toys are a great incentive and distraction, and kitchen utensils are great for litting them get their pretend cooking on, and it's all made better by a great playlist. So we created one based off suggestions from our community. We've stacked activity songs at the top for them to get their splash on to, and more chilled "it's almost time for bed" at the end. Try using Ernie's intro on Rubber Ducky as a cue for them to get in the tub, and see if they'll "come and get your love" by coming out of the bath and into the towel when Redbone sing it. Yep, there's some Pinkfong and Cocomelon, but there's also some adult-friendly on-theme tunes for you. After all, it's your evening too.