Gift Registry FAQ

Start your Memo Gift Registry

How do I get started building my Gift Registry?

  • Login or create an account here.
  • Click Create Registry link (this link changes to “Gift Registry” when you have created a Registry) 

How do I add products to my Gift Registry?

Make sure you are logged in. Then use the Gift icon to add items to the registry. Gifts can be added from any collection page, or from any product page.

Can I add Gift Cards to my Gift Registry?

We are currently working on a solution for adding Gift Cards to your Gift Registry. Stay tuned!

When is the best time to set up my Gift Registry?

Start setting up when it suits you! We recommend sending your Gift Registry to your friends and family 4-6 weeks prior to the date you'd like to receive everything. It's always a good idea to send a confirmation reminder to your friends and family the week before your event, as we all know those people who love a last minute shop!

What date should I choose?

Choose a date you would like your registry open until. Friends and Family often can buy gifts at the last minute and for this reason, they can continue buying gifts from your Registry 30 days after this date. 30 days after your selected date, your registry will be closed and complete. You’ll also receive your discount code to use on any unpurchased items within 48 hours of your selected date.

Can someone help me navigate what I should select for my Gift Registry?

Absolutely, book your 1:1 Virtual Consult here and tell us when suits you for a call.

Manage your Memo Gift Registry

Can I add or delete items from my Gift Registry?

Yes, you can make as many changes as you wish and your Gift Registry will update. If an item has already been purchased and you no longer wish to receive it, please contact our customer service team here and they can help find another suitable option. 

How do I change my delivery address/and or occasion date?

Click here to log into your Gift Registry to change these details under Account.  Please note changes to delivery address and delivery date can be made no later than 7 days before your original ideal delivery date. If you would like to make a last minute change, please contact us here.

Can I return an item that I was gifted if I don't like it?

Of course. All purchases (some exclusions apply) can be returned within 30 days of your gift arriving. Just follow the return process.

Can friends and family who live overseas purchase from my Gift Registry?

Yes, share the love! Please note they will need an Australian Billing Address for Checkout, we suggest they use the Registrants Shipping Address.

When will my gifts be delivered?

Each time a friend or family member purchases a gift from your Registry, it will be sent directly to you at your nominated address. You will receive an email with the tracking once the item has been sent.

When setting up your account we ask for the ideal date you would like to receive your gifts by which The Memo uses this date as our goal receipt date.  Friends and Family often can buy gifts at the last minute and for this reason, they can continue buying gifts from your Registry two weeks after this date.  After this date, your registry will be closed and complete.  

Please note, we always do our absolute best to meet this date but due to the freight network, some delays do occur or you may even receive your gifts slightly earlier or later than planned.   

What happens if an item on my Gift Registry goes out of stock?

We do our best to stay in stock but unfortunately due to some instances an item you have selected may not be available to purchase for a period of time. This item will display as temporarily unavailable to your friends and family, but as soon as the stock is available, the button will update, ready for purchase. Our Gift Registry concierge team is here to help find an alternative, please reach out to us here.

How are gifts wrapped and delivered?

Gifts are delivered directly to your address each time a gift giver purchases you a gift. We wrap the gifts in sustainably made tissue and attach a greeting card with the gift giver's message. You will receive an email with the tracking link once the order has been sent.

How do I know who gave me what?

Log into your Gift Registry Account and in the menu, select Gift Tracker which will give you an overview of gifts and gift givers.  

Do you ship internationally?

Unfortunately we are not in the position to ship your Registry items overseas at this time. 

Can I shop directly from my Registry?

Yes, absolutely.  If you are wanting to purchase an item from your Registry you will see a button in Manage Registry called Add to Cart.  As you receive a 15% post Gift Registry discount code which is sent to you after your nominated ideal delivery date, you may want to wait for this code to do your shopping.  Please note, at least 1 item must have been purchased from your Registry by a guest in order for you to be eligible to receive this discount. 

Sharing your Memo Gift Registry

How can I share my Registry?

Click Share Registry in your Gift Registry Account navigation bar and you will have the option of entering your friends' email addresses which will send them all the information on how to shop from it, including the unique URL and password to shop from.

You can also copy your unique Gift Registry URL which is displayed on this page so that you can enter into your own invitation (e.g. you might be using Paperless Post, or you would like to copy this link into a Facebook Event or even directly into a text message).

Can friends still purchase gifts after the event date?

Yes, friends and family still can make purchases after the nominated date for two weeks. Please note that your friends will not be eligible for the 15% post purchase discount, this discount is linked directly to your personal account. 

Gift Registry Discounts

What is a Post-Purchase Registry Discount Code?

As a thank you for setting up your Gift Registry with The Memo and to help you tick off your list, you will receive a unique 15% discount on any unpurchased items on your Registry. Please note, at least 1 item must have been purchased from your Registry in order for you to be eligible to receive this discount. As you are not able to add additional items to your Registry after the delivery date, it is always a great idea to add as many items that you might consider to your registry to maximise this value opportunity. This discount code is valid for 30 days from the date of receiving your code.

When will I receive my Post-Purchase Registry Discount Code?

The Memo will send you an email with your unique 15% discount code that can be used on all items (*) that remain in your Registry on the day that you nominated to have all your gifts received by.  The easiest way to shop this list is to add the items you would like directly to cart from Manage Registry in your account.

* Please note that this code excludes The Happiest Baby SNOO Smart Sleeper and Gift Cards and is not able to be used by your friends and family as it’s linked to your account. At least 1 item must have been purchased from your Registry in order for you to be eligible to receive this discount and self-purchases from a gift registry will result in the 15% discount code not being generated or valid.

Can I use a Gift Card with my post Registry 15% off code?

Please note that Gift Cards are not in conjunction with your unique 15% post purchase discount and can not be used together in the one transaction.  Please place two separate orders, one using your Gift Card Value, and the other with your unique discount code. For more details on Gift Cards please visit our Terms of Use Page.

Shopping from a Gift Registry

How do I find a Registry?

You can search for a Registry either by Full Name or a direct URL that has been given to you here. Please note that due to privacy reasons, all Registries are protected by a password that only the Registrant has access to. Please speak to your friend who sent you the invitation to receive the password as The Memo team do not have access to this.

If you are having difficulty locating a Registry, please contact us and we’ll help! 

Can I buy multiple gifts?

Yes, absolutely! Add as many gifts as you would like to your cart and go through the usual check out process.

Can I buy items that are not on the Registry?

No, this is not possible, even if they are for you. If you would like to buy another item for yourself or your friend, please purchase this through the store and not the Gift Registry page.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept VISA, Mastercard, AMEX, Diners, PayPal, Afterpay and Klarna.

Will my gift be wrapped?

As part of our environmental commitment we use recycled tissue to wrap gifts and attach free greeting cards to each gift. Some items that are larger may not be able to be wrapped due to their size however we do our best to ensure that the unboxing experience is a fun one.

Can I leave a gift message?

Absolutely, you will be prompted to leave a message whilst checking out.

The delivery address is defaulting to The Memo’s address, what’s that about?

Your gift will be sent directly to the registrant's nominated address, for privacy reasons this address is hidden at checkout and replaced with The Memo’s address.

I've placed an order from a Gift Registry but haven't received it yet. 

Gifts from a Registry are sent directly to the Registrant by the nominated date they have requested, along with your gift note.

Can you purchase from a Gift Registry if I live overseas?

Yes! Super easy, your billing address will be your international home address but the delivery address will be your friend's (which defaults to The Memo’s address due to privacy reasons).

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