Introduction to Baby Feeding Essentials

Feeding your baby is not just about nutrition; it's a bonding experience filled with love and care. At The Memo, we understand the importance of this time. That's why we've curated a range of baby feeding products designed to make these moments as nurturing and hassle-free as possible.

Our Collection of Baby Feeding Products

Our collection caters to every feeding need, from the first latch to the last spoonful of baby food. We focus on high-quality, safe, and practical products that ease the transition through different stages of your baby's feeding journey.

How to Choose the Right Feeding Products

Selecting the right feeding products can be overwhelming. Consider factors like your baby's age, feeding habits, and your lifestyle. Our collection offers a variety of options to suit different needs, ensuring you find just what you're looking for.

Our incredibly cute, fear-free, you-got-this edit to help you start solids. Set yourself up for success and download our Weaning Essentials List to make sure you have everything you need come meal time.

Discover more feeding essentials like eating accessories, bottles, breastfeeding tools, bottler warmers, bottle sanitizers, drying racks, bottle cleaners and bottle bags now.

FAQs About Baby Feeding Essentials


What are the must-have feeding items for a newborn?

Essential items include bottles, nipples suitable for newborns, a breast pump (if breastfeeding), and burp cloths.

How do I know if a feeding product is safe for my baby?

All products at The Memo are rigorously tested for safety and quality, adhering to Australian standards.

When should I start using feeding spoons and bowls?

This varies, but generally, when your baby shows readiness for solids, around 4-6 months.

How can I make feeding times easier?

Organise your space with easy-to-clean products and keep essentials within reach to streamline feeding times.

Are there eco-friendly feeding options?

Yes, we offer a range of eco-friendly products made from sustainable materials.