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Keep your baby warm all night with all-in-one baby sleeping bags and suits. Select from a range of tog weights to suit different climates and seasons.

Baby Sleeping Bags Australia

Looking to buy a baby sleeping bag in Australia? At The Memo, we stock a curated edit of our favourite sleeping bags to dress your baby in and keep them at the perfect temperature as they sleep. Choose from best-selling brands, including Love to Dream Stage 1 for newborns, Stage 2 transition sleep bags or their Stage 3 sleep bags for older babies. If you prefer a swaddle-like sleeping bag, consider Ergo Pouch’s Cocoon Swaddle Bag. For winter, check out the versatile one-size-fits-all option from Woolbabe or our range of 2.5 and 3.5 TOG sleeping bags from Ergo Pouch and Love to Dream.

Baby Sleeping Bags with Sleeves

If you prefer a sleeping bag with sleeves, you can choose from short or long sleeves with Love to Dream and Ergo Pouch. We recommend the Ergo Pouch 1.0 TOG sleepsuit if you’re after short sleeves, best for room temperatures between 20-24°C. Love to Dream also offers a 1.0 TOG with short sleeves made from 100% cotton. For long sleeves at 1.0 TOG, we recommend the selection available from Love to Dream.

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How do you use a baby sleeping bag?

Ensuring your baby's comfort and safety throughout the night is a top priority for every parent, and utilising a baby sleeping bag is one of the methods to achieve this. When selecting a sleeping bag, it's important to consider the size to ensure it fits your baby properly, avoiding any risk of slipping inside. Opting for breathable materials like cotton can help maintain an optimal temperature and prevent overheating.

When preparing your baby for sleep, dressing them appropriately for the sleeping bag is key. This might mean a light onesie in warmer conditions or more substantial pyjamas when it's cooler. Once your baby is dressed, gently place them in the sleeping bag, ensuring it is snug around their shoulders but still offers enough room at the bottom for easy movement of their feet.

Why are sleeping bags good for a baby?

Baby sleeping bags offer a snug and secure environment that mimics the comfort of an embrace, ensuring your baby sleeps soundly through the night. These innovative sleep solutions promote a consistent temperature, reducing the risks of loose bedding. By eliminating the need for blankets that can be kicked off, sleeping bags help maintain an optimal sleep temperature, ensuring your baby stays warm and comfortable without overheating.

This thoughtful design embraces the importance of adaptability, ensuring that whether during winter or summer, your baby's sleep is undisturbed by discomfort. When using baby sleeping bags, you’re not just choosing a safe sleep option for your baby, but we are also investing in their well-being and development.