Travel Prams

Step into the world of travel prams at The Memo, where mobility meets style. Our travel stroller selection promises Australian families the perfect blend of convenience and comfort. Expect compact, lightweight, and agile designs, ready to accompany you and your children on an adventure.

Stylish travel prams for families on the go

Our collection of travel prams at The Memo has been carefully curated to provide a choice of models that empower parents on the move. Each travel stroller in our range understands the importance of being both manageable and cosy for your baby.

We stock some of the best travel prams on the market, with models from top-quality brands like Babyzen, Redsbaby, Bugaboo, Joolz and UPPAbaby. Whether navigating bustling city streets or boarding a flight to your next family holiday, these prams fold with ease, handle smoothly, and keep your child snug. With versatility at its core, this collection not only makes travel with your baby effortless but also ensures that comfort is never compromised, no matter the destination.

Travel Light, Travel Right: Pram Features that Matter

In the hustle of travel, small comforts make the biggest difference. Our collection of travel strollers is not just about moving from A to B; they're about features thoughtfully designed to handle every twist and turn.

When you’re selecting the right travel stroller for you and your family, you’ll want to consider these factors:

  • Compact Convenience: a travel pram should be easy to set up and fold down - make sure setup and pack up are not too complicated on the model you choose.
  • Brand Excellence: we’ve curated a quality selection of travel prams at The Memo, as many of these brands conduct thorough safety and quality testing before becoming available. Make sure any travel prams you choose have been tested and meet safety standards in Australia.
  • Durable Materials: make sure your travel pram is made from high-quality fabrics to ensure it's not easily damaged when being transported. These fabrics should also be easy enough to wipe clear when they become dirty.

Check our our blog on choosing the best travel pram for more tips and tricks on finding a pram that is right for you.

As well as our collection of travel prams and strollers, you can discover a range of pram accessories at The Memo, which can help keep your kid comfortable and entertained while on the go. Find pram liners, pram organisers and specially designed stroller toys in our collection online.

Embark on Your Next Adventure with a Travel Pram

Ready for your next getaway? The Memo's travel pram range is here to ensure your child’s journey is just as enjoyable as the destination. With our selection of travel strollers, venturing across Australia or beyond becomes a seamless experience. Discover a wide range of quality prams and strollers at The Memo today, including double prams for those with larger families. Comfortable, stylish and long-lasting, dive into our collection and find the travel companion that speaks to your family's needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best pram for travelling?

The best travel pram strikes a balance between compactness and comfort. Most parents favour prams that are lightweight, easy to fold with one hand, and can navigate through crowded spaces easily. The Memo offers a stylish range of travel strollers that are built for frequent use, with features like reclining seats for nap times and extendable canopies for sun protection.

How do travel prams work?

Travel prams are designed to be portable and easy to use. They typically feature a quick-fold mechanism that collapses the pram into a compact size, making them ideal for storage in car boots or overhead compartments. Wheels and suspensions are optimised for a smooth ride, while the fabric and frame materials ensure they are lightweight yet durable for the rigours of travel.

Can a travel pram be taken on a plane?

The best pram for plane travel should be compact when folded and lightweight. Many travel strollers from The Memo comply with airline carry-on requirements and can be taken onboard. However, it's advisable to check with your airline beforehand, as regulations can vary.

Which travel stroller or pram folds the smallest?

The travel pram that folds the smallest will often be labelled as an 'ultra-compact stroller'.

What is the lightest pram?

The lightest travel pram is typically one that combines an aluminium frame with minimalist design features without compromising on strength and safety. The travel strollers at The Memo boast some of the lightest models available in Australia, ensuring that lifting and carrying your pram is as effortless as pushing it.