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A Redsbaby Pram offers you the best of both worlds. Stylish and functional, these prams prioritise your baby’s comfort while ensuring the pram is easy and convenient to use. We’ve curated a selection of top-quality Redsbaby Prams for you at The Memo. Explore the complete collection of Redsbaby prams available today.

Comfortable and functional Redsbaby prams at The Memo

A pram from Redsbaby is more than just a means of transport for your baby; it's a statement of style and a testament to practical design. If you want a pram that is at home strolling through the park, as it is navigating city streets, a Redsbaby pram is for you. A robust construction, easy manoeuvrability and storage capacity keep parents returning to this trusted brand.

Features and Benefits

Redsbaby prams are known for being some of the best on the market. There are plenty of features and benefits to consider if you’re purchasing a Redsbaby pram, including:

  • Growing with your baby: The prams in the Redsbaby range have been designed to carry your baby through to four years of age. You can use the bassinet attachment for newborns before swapping to the reversible, reclinable seat once your child reaches six months.
  • Customisable comfort: Redsbaby prams have adjustable seating positions for your child and adjustable handle heights for you. They ensure a snug, secure ride for babies and ergonomic ease for parents.
  • Smart fold system: Practicality is at the core of a Redsbaby pram design - the intelligent one-hand fold system that makes it a breeze to collapse and store your pram.
  • Innovative Design: Every Redsbaby pram boasts thoughtful design features, like extendable canopies for sun protection and peek-a-boo windows for checking on your child without disturbing them.

Redsbaby prams: your perfect walking companion

When it comes to the journey of parenthood, the right pram can make all the difference. Explore our Redsbaby pram range and find the perfect match for your family. Whether ready to purchase or just beginning your search, The Memo is your trusted guide when it comes to buying prams and pram accessories, such as pram liners, cushions and toys.


Can I use a bassinet attachment with my Redsbaby pram?

You can. Redsbaby prams have a bassinet attachment that can be used with your Redsbaby frame, and it is the best attachment for newborns. This can be bought in a bundle with your pram or separately. It's a cosy, secure space that mimics the comfort of the womb, ensuring your baby's first outings are as soothing as they are safe.

When can my baby transition to the seat in their Redsbaby pram?

Your baby can move to the pram seat when sitting up unaided, typically around six months.

What things should I consider before buying a Redsbaby pram?

Before purchasing a Redsbaby pram, consider your lifestyle. Do you need something robust for country walks or compact for urban living? Think about storage, the pram's weight, and how it folds.

Can the Redsbaby pram be used for newborns and toddlers?

Redsbaby prams are versatile enough to accommodate newborns with a flat-lying bassinet while also adapting to toddlers up to 20kg with a spacious, adjustable seat unit.

Do I need a double or tandem Redsbaby pram?

If you have twins, children close in age, or are planning for a future addition, a double or tandem is a great idea. Redsbaby’s NUOVO model pram is the double pram in our collection. It offers the flexibility of transporting two children simultaneously, with the same style and durability you expect from the Redsbaby range. You can also use this pram with a bassinet attachment before upgrading to the reclinable seat.