Solids - Baby-Led Weaning

When it’s time to start thinking about giving your baby real food, look to our fear-free, you-got-this list to help you prepare for solids.

What is baby led weaning?

Baby led weaning is all about letting your baby feed themselves safely. Instead of spoon feeding them, you present them with their food on their high chair and allow them to try and feed it to themselves. There are many benefits associated with baby led weaning, including improved hand-eye coordination and chewing skills. Whether you choose to opt for traditional weaning or baby led, it’s completely up to you!

Baby Led Weaning Ideas

It’s important to make sure you’re prepared for a little mess as food is likely to end up on the floor and on your bub. Once you accept that, why not try some of these ideas for stimulating self-feeding. For some instant advice, take a look at our blog article on baby eating now.

  • Eat together as a family: It’s great to allow your baby to sit at the dinner table in their high chair with your family while eating, to help introduce them to the pleasures of eating together.
  • Give your baby ingredients that make up your own meal
  • Cut their finger food into thin, long strips as they will likely pick it up with their whole palm.
  • Dress your bub in a little art smock or apron instead of the bib if they’re really messy.

Baby led weaning recipes

Some of our favourite things to offer children when self-feeding include:

  • Fruit slices like melon, mango, banana or roasted apple
  • Roasted sweet potato
  • Roasted broccoli
  • Slices of toast
  • Soft avocado slices

If you’re looking for proper recipes, we recommend the Weaning book by Annabel Karmel. It’s a great option for further advice and recipes for both traditional and baby led weaning. We also love the Foods Babies Love book by Emily Dupuche, filled with over 90 simple yet delicious recipes.

Baby Led Weaning Australia

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