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So tiny, so cute. Introduce them to the world of solids in style with our baby plates.

One of the cutest parts of introducing solids to your little one has to be buying tiny sized cutlery and dinnerware for them. Just when you thought it couldn’t get cuter than tiny jumpsuits, they went and decided they were ready to eat actual food!

Besides the cute factor, there are also many practical reasons for investing in plates specifically for your little one. Let’s just say *break proof* takes on a whole new meaning when you have kids. Another reason why we love to get them their own tableware is that they often come with suction to keep them firmly glued to their highchairs (and not on the floor)!

At the memo, we stock a curated edit of our favourite baby plates from divided plate from Mushie. Divided plates are a great way to start your baby on solids, as it will add interest and texture to their eating experience.

Discover our entire collection of baby dinnerware now including feeding accessories like baby bowls, baby suction plates, suction bowls, baby forks, and spoons.

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