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Comfortable, adjustable bibs that will catch the mess and help you *try* to keep mealtime in calm control.

There's no doubt that weaning involves a little mess, so take a look at our handy waterproof bibs and bibs with sleeves to make the clean-up as easy as possible.

Discover our full weaning collection now including dinnerware, highchairs, meal prep essentials, sippy cups, and snack containers.

What types of baby bibs does The Memo offer?

We offer a range of baby bibs designed for practicality and ease of use. This includes waterproof bibs, bibs with sleeves, and adjustable bibs, all crafted to make mealtime cleaner and more controlled.

Why are waterproof bibs beneficial for weaning?

Waterproof bibs are ideal for weaning because they prevent liquids from soaking through, keeping your baby's clothes dry. This is especially useful during messy meals or when your baby is learning to drink from a cup.

How do bibs with sleeves help during mealtime?

Bibs with sleeves provide extra coverage, protecting not just your baby's front but also their arms. This is particularly helpful for babies who are learning to feed themselves and can be a bit more messy.

Are the baby bibs from The Memo easy to clean?

Yes, our baby bibs are designed with easy cleaning in mind. Most of them are waterproof and can be wiped clean or machine washed, making post-meal cleanup a breeze.

Can I find adjustable baby bibs at The Memo?

Absolutely! We understand that babies grow quickly, so we offer adjustable bibs that can be resized to fit your baby comfortably as they grow.

What materials are used in The Memo's baby bibs?

Our baby bibs are made from safe, baby-friendly materials. Many are waterproof and free from harmful chemicals, ensuring they're safe for your baby's skin and health.

How do I choose the right bib for my baby?

Consider your baby's stage of weaning and typical mealtime messiness. Waterproof bibs are great for liquidy foods, while sleeved bibs offer more coverage for self-feeding babies.

Are there different styles and designs of baby bibs available?

Yes, we offer baby bibs in various styles and designs. Whether you prefer simple, classic designs or something more colourful and playful, you'll find options to suit your preference.

Can baby bibs from The Memo be used for activities other than eating?

Yes, our bibs with sleeves are versatile enough for various activities, such as arts and crafts, protecting your baby’s clothes from spills and stains.

Do The Memo's baby bibs make good gifts for parents?

Our baby bibs make excellent gifts for new or expecting parents. They are practical, durable, and come in a variety of styles that parents will appreciate.