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Tackle baby weaning like a pro and invest in our waterproof bibs. The most mess-proof feeding solution on the internet.

Ever seen a baby eat solids before? Let us let you in on a little secret...It’s messy. Well, not always, but there is definite mess involved on the reg. The best thing you can do is not get too stressed about it (deep breaths) and buy some waterproof bibs.

At the memo, we stock a curated edit of cute and practical baby bibs. While soft fabric bibs are great for when your child is a newborn and you’re feeding them milk, they start to get a little less practical when solids are involved and they’re feeding themselves. Enter, waterproof bibs!

Choose from a range of bestselling brands including Mushie, Rommer, Liewood, Baby Bjorn, We Might be Tiny, and Done by Deer. We offer both silicone catcher style bibs with an upturned lid to catch any food scraps, as well as waterproof capes that completely cover what they’re wearing.

New to this whole baby eating thing? Take a read of our blog article on introducing solids, and 6 essentials for baby weaning. Looking for more baby bibs? Try our handy bibs with sleeves now for even more mess proof action.

Ready to shop for your bibs at the memo? When you shop with us, you can enjoy free delivery Australia wide when you spend $149* or more. We offer flexible payment methods with Afterpay to give you the option to buy now, and pay later. Finally, with 30 days for returns and exchanges, you can shop online with confidence!