The Hospital Bag List

Birth is a wild ride. Here's what to pack so you feel prepared and in control.

Tick it off… in the third trimester

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FOR Parents
3 x Maternity bras 4 x Maternity underwear Breast pads pack Maternity postpartum pads pack Ice and heat pack Milk collector Silverettes Button-down pyjamas Robe Slippers Toiletries bag with everything you need to feel fresh Comfy going-home outfit
4 x Singlets 4 x Grow suits 3 x Hats 3 x Pairs of socks 2 x Swaddle wraps Blanket Pack of wipes Pack of nappies Sterilised dummy Close list
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  • For Baby

Ice and heat pack

To soothe your breasts and your perineum or C-section scar.

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Maternity postpartum pads

Post birth, your body can bleed a lot and you’ll need pads, but the hospital should provide some too.

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