The Feeding List

Milk feeding is different for all, these aids will ease the load and help you find your groove.

You’ll need it… from day one when you’re establishing feeding

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FOR Parents
Breast pads Nipple care Nursing bras Milk collector Breast pump Burp cloths Bottles Equipment steriliser Drying rack Bottle warmer Bottle brush Replacement teats Close list
  • For Parents


To feed your baby with formula or expressed breast milk. Get two, one for use, one for the steriliser/ drawer.

How many 2+

Replacement teats

As your baby grows, you’ll need to change the teat on the bottle to help them extract milk faster. 0-3 months start with slow, then evolve from there.

How many 1

Burp cloths

Keep on hand around the house and on-the-go for any spills.

How many 2+