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Safety meets style with our collection of car seats at The Memo. Expect more than just a seat; these are cocoons of safety for your children, designed with cutting-edge technology to ensure comfort and peace of mind on every car journey.

Ensure a secure journey with child’s car seats

At The Memo, we know how important the safety of your kids is while you’re driving. We’ve put together a carefully selected collection of baby car seats that combine rigorous safety standards with comfort and convenience. Whether you're searching for the safest car seats in Australia for your newborn or you need an option that you can adapt for growing toddlers, our range offers you the chance to find the best seat for you and your family.

Discover what sets our baby car seat collection apart from the rest:

  • Options from the best brands: browse options from Britax and Bugaboo in our collection.
  • Premium Safety Standards: Rigorously tested to meet strict Australian safety regulations.
  • Innovative Design: Our car seat collection features advanced side-impact protection and is designed for intuitive installation.
  • Customisable Comfort: Many of our car seats are designed to grow with your child, with adjustable headrests and different recline positions available.
  • ISOFIX Compatibility: For a secure and hassle-free car seat installation.

What is ISOFIX?

ISOFIX is a globally recognised system for the safe and easy installation of child car seats, designed to minimise the risk of incorrect fitting. This system involves built-in anchor points in your car, to which the ISOFIX car seats directly attach through rigid or semi-rigid arms. Not only does this provide a more secure and stable connection, but it also simplifies the installation process. Many ISOFIX seats feature indicators for correct installation and include additional stability measures like a top tether or support leg. Our collection at The Memo consists of a number of ISOFIX-compatible car seats. However, it is important to check that your car has ISOFIX compatibility too, before purchasing one of these seats.

Browse a high-quality collection of rearward-facing and forward-facing seats for your little explorers. We’ve curated a selection that has been tested against the strict Australian safety standards, so you can rest assured any model you buy meets and exceeds safety benchmarks. Explore our complete collection today.

Selecting the right car seat for you

While every family will have different concerns when it comes to finding the right car seat for their children, there are a couple of crucial factors to consider. Here are a couple of tips from our team at The Memo that you should consider when you start the search for your own car seat:

  • If you’re looking for a car seat for a newborn, choose a rear-facing seat with specially designed newborn support and a snug harness.
  • Look for seats with a proven safety track record and enhanced security features. It’s also a good idea to consider if any car seats come with additional accessories - for example, rearview mirrors or window shades.
  • Research whether you’ll be using a model with ISOFIX for easy installation or seatbelt fitting for more versatility.
  • Some baby car seats have the ability to convert from rear-facing to front-facing as your child grows - such as the Safe-N-Sound Graphene TEX from Britax, suitable for ages 0 to 4 years. This may be a good option to consider if you’d like to get full use of your car seat.

Choose Safety and Style with a car seat from The Memo

With our selection of car seats at The Memo, we aim to make selecting the right car seat as easy as possible. Explore our range of car seats for kids 0 to 4 years old, 6 months to 8 years and 0 to 8 years. Each product promises a seat and a commitment to your child’s safety and comfort.


What is a baby capsule?

A baby capsule is a rear-facing, portable car seat specifically designed for newborns and young infants, often detachable and compatible with travel systems for convenience.

What is a convertible car seat?

A convertible car seat is a versatile option that can be adjusted as your child grows. It can be installed as a rear-facing seat for infants and then turned forward-facing as your child matures, combining two stages into one seat for long-term use.

What are the benefits of convertible car seats?

Convertible car seats are cost-effective, versatile, and long-lasting, transitioning from rear to forward-facing to accommodate growing children.

Should we choose convertible car seats?

Convertible car seats are a great choice if you're looking for a seat that transitions with your child from toddler to older child, offering extended usability and value.

What is a booster seat?

A booster seat is designed for children who have outgrown their forward-facing seats. It raises the child up in the car so that the seat belt fits properly across their chest and lap, vital for safety on Australian roads. Booster seats and car seats can be used interchangeably. Many of the car seats in our collection have age advice within the product description, so read through carefully before any purchases.

How do I install a seat into my vehicle?

To install a car seat, follow the manufacturer's instructions precisely. Secure it using either the vehicle's seat belt or ISOFIX points. Ensure it's tightly fitted, with no excessive movement.

When can a baby face forward in a car seat in Australia?

In Australia, guidelines recommend that babies stay rear-facing until they are at least six months old. However, keeping them rear-facing until they reach their maximum height or weight limit is ideal for optimal safety.

How do I know when my child has outgrown their seat?

Your child has outgrown their car seat when they exceed the highest weight or height limit specified by the manufacturer or if their shoulders sit above the top-most slot for the harness.

What do I do if my child slouches down or to the side in the car seat?

Ensure the harness is snug, and the seat is installed correctly. Use approved car seat accessories to support your child's position if necessary.

What are some car seat accessories I can purchase?

Car seat accessories are accessories that can enhance the safety and comfort of your children. Seat protectors, mirrors, or window shades are all good accessories to explore, but ensure they are compatible with your car seat and meet safety standards before purchasing.