Baby Bathing

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Bathtime is bonding time. Make it count with these splash friendly essentials.

Discover our full care collection as well as bathtubs, bath mats, bath seats, bath toys, and baby bath stands now.

Splish, Splash: Baby's First Bath and Beyond at The Memo

Bathing a baby is not just about cleanliness; it's a sensory experience, a chance for soothing interactions, filled with gentle splashes and warm towels. At The Memo, we've curated an assortment of baby bathing products that turn each bath time into an opportunity for bonding and fun. Our collection features a variety of baby baths to suit every family's needs and preferences, including ergonomic bathtubs and a range of baby towels and toys. Whether you're cradling a newborn or wrangling a wriggly tot, our baby baths are designed with both safety and comfort in mind.

Choosing the Ideal Baby Bath: A Size for Every Splash

The Memo offers baby baths that grow with your child. You’ll find compact and cosy options for newborns through to spacious tubs for toddlers. We have styles that fit easily into your sink for those early weeks, as well as baths that can be placed in your tub, complete with intelligent features like temperature indicators and non-slip surfaces. For parents looking for a long-term solution, our convertible baths adapt as your baby develops, ensuring a snug and secure environment at every stage.

Don’t be daunted by the range of options available - we recommend considering these factors before making your final decision on a baby bath:

  • Safety and stability: does the bath have support features (such as a gentle incline to keep heads above water), non-slip surfaces or a temperature indicator?
  • Size and ergonomics: is the bath the appropriate size for your baby, and will it grow with your child? Is the design ergonomic, and will parents be able to use and lift this bath without causing injury?
  • Material and comfort: what materials is the baby bath made from? Will be it gentle on your baby’s skin, and are there other built in cushioning features (as an example) that take into account your baby’s comfort?
  • Cleaning and maintenance: is your baby bath easy to drain and clean? Is it important for you to have a collapsable baby bath, for convenient storage?

Each product in The Memo's baby bath range is handpicked to ensure a safe, soothing, and playful bath time. Crafted with care from the highest quality materials, our baby baths are as nurturing as your touch. As your child grows, so too does the joy of bath time. Explore our collection of baby bath tubs and bath accessories today. Find baby bath toys, towels and baby thermometers online and create the perfect bathing environment, one splash at a time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why use a baby bath?

Baby baths are designed to hold your child securely, making bath time safer and more enjoyable. They're scaled to a baby's size, helping to conserve water and energy and providing a comfortable experience for both parent and child.

When should I give my baby their first bath?

It's best to wait until the umbilical cord stump falls off, which is usually within the first few weeks. Until then, a sponge bath will keep your baby clean.

What kind of bath should newborns be given?

Newborns benefit from a gentle sponge bath or a shallow water bath in a baby bathtub that offers head support and keeps them secure. Use a gentle washcloth on their body, which will also help keep them warm while bathing.

Are baby bathtubs necessary?

While not strictly necessary, a baby bathtub can make bath time easier and safer. These tubs allow for babies to be seated safely and comfortably and ensures that parents or carers have enough space to maneuver while cleaning the baby.

What temperature should baby bath water be?

The ideal temperature for a baby's bath water is around 37°C, similar to body temperature. Always test the water with your wrist or elbow to ensure it's not too hot before gently placing your baby in the bath.