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How do swim nappies work?

Ready to take your baby to the beach or swimming pool, but not quite sure what to dress them in to avoid any embarrassing accidents? The best thing to do is invest in a swim nappy! Swim nappies are specifically designed to keep solids (yep, baby poop) safely inside the nappy and not floating around in the water. They shouldn’t be used as an alternative to regular toilet stops - remember, swim nappies can’t prevent urine leaking out, however, they do an excellent job of keeping code brown under control. Swim nappies are essential for children who aren’t toilet trained to wear while swimming.

Reusable swim nappies

At the memo, we stock the Baby Behinds Reusable Swim Nappies. Our preference is to opt for reusable nappies because they’re better for the environment and can be a lot more cost effective if you’re going to be going swimming regularly. Designed for babies to wear in the pool or at the beach from 5kgs- 20kgs (you adapt the size by the clasp buttons and velcro straps), they come with a soft PUL outer (a durable waterproof fabric) with suede cloth inner layer. Firm but gentle leg elastics keep everything tight and in check. The material also ensures a super quick drying time between swims. They’re available in a wide variety of stylish colours too to pair perfectly with your bub’s swimming costume.

Washable swim nappies

The Baby Behinds swim nappies are all super easy to wash and reuse. To wash your baby’s swim nappy, start by removing any solids first (we’re sure we don’t need to tell you that, but just so we’re clear!) and give them a quick rinse out. It’s recommended to first put them into your washing machine for a pre-rinse cycle especially if they’re soiled. After their pre-wash, you can pop them into your machine for the main wash at 40-60C with some washing detergent. Finally, hang them up on your clothesline to dry but avoid direct sunlight.

Swim nappies Australia

Wondering ‘where can I buy swim nappies’? Shop the best reusable swim nappies now at the memo. We have some great benefits to offer our customers when they shop with us including free delivery over $99, click & collect, and flexible payment options like AfterPay so you can pay the way it best suits you.