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You don’t need to use anything else - no liners, inserts or cloth nappies necessary. These swim nappies are all your baby needs for a fun day in the water!

How do swim nappies work?

Ready to take your baby to the beach or swimming pool but not quite sure what to dress them in to avoid any embarrassing accidents? The best thing to do is invest in a swim nappy! Swim nappies are specifically designed to keep solids (yep, baby poop) safely inside the nappy and not floating around in the water. They shouldn’t be used as an alternative to regular toilet stops - remember, swim nappies can’t prevent urine from leaking out. However, they do an excellent job of keeping code brown under control. Swim nappies are essential for children who aren’t toilet trained to wear while swimming.

Reusable swim nappies

At The Memo, we stock the Baby Beehinds Reusable Swim Nappies. Our preference is to opt for reusable nappies because they’re better for the environment and can be a lot more cost-effective if you’re going to be going swimming regularly. Designed for babies to wear in the pool or at the beach from 5kgs-20kgs (you adapt the size by the clasp buttons and velcro straps), they come with a soft PUL outer (a durable waterproof fabric) with suede cloth inner layer. Firm but gentle leg elastics keep everything tight and in check. The material also ensures a super quick drying time between swims. They’re available in a wide variety of stylish colours to pair perfectly with your baby’s swimming costume.

Washable swim nappies

The Baby Beehinds swim nappies are all super easy to wash and reuse. To wash your baby’s swim nappy, start by removing any solids first (we’re sure we don’t need to tell you that, but just so we’re clear!) and give them a quick rinse out. It’s recommended to first put them into your washing machine for a pre-rinse cycle, especially if they’re soiled. After their pre-wash, you can pop them into your machine for the main wash at 40-60C with some washing detergent. Finally, hang them up on your clothesline to dry, but avoid direct sunlight.

Baby Swimming Diapers

Wondering ‘where can I buy swim nappies’? Shop the best reusable swim nappies now at The Memo. We have some great benefits to offer our customers when they shop with us, including free delivery over $149*, click & collect, and flexible payment options like AfterPay so you can pay the way it best suits you.


What materials are the swim nappies made from? Are they eco-friendly and free from harmful chemicals?

At The Memo, we only stock swimming nappies made from high-quality, eco-friendly materials. You can rest assured these reusable nappies are good for the environment but also gentle on your baby’s sensitive skin, so they are as comfortable as possible while in the pool.

How do the swim nappies prevent leaks in the pool or at the beach?

Baby and newborn swim nappies are often made in a dual-layer design with a leak-proof barrier. This ensures that accidental spills are contained as best as possible within the nappy and keeps pool or beach water clean.

Are the swim nappies reusable or disposable?

Swim nappies can be reusable or disposable. The Memo stocks a wide range of reusable swim nappy options that can be used over and over again, as well as disposable options.

How do I wash and care for reusable swim nappies to ensure longevity?

It’s best to rinse a dirty reusable swim nappy as quickly as possible after use, either manually or with a gentle pre-wash cycle in your machine. Once this is done, pop them into a washing machine on a cycle between 40-60C in temperature. It’s also best to hang them on the line to dry rather than using a dryer, as this will also help extend their lifespan.

What sizes are available in the swim nappies range? How do I choose the right fit for my baby?

At The Memo, the swimming nappies come in a range of sizes, from newborn swim nappies and beyond. Each style of reusable baby nappy features a sizing chart on the product page, so please consult this before buying. This has the best information to help you choose the correct size for your baby.

Can the swim nappies be adjusted to fit as my baby grows?

Swim nappies feature adjustable snaps and velcro, so you can customize to a certain extent as your baby grows. However, these adjustments will not change the size of the swim nappies, so keep a close eye and return to the online store if you need the next size up.

Are the swim nappies suitable for both chlorinated pools and saltwater?

Yes, all the swim nappies we stock at The Memo can be used in chlorinated pools or saltwater.

How quickly do the swim nappies dry after use?

This can depend from brand to brand - however, most swim nappies are made with quick-drying materials and (depending on weather conditions) can be dry within a couple of hours. Dry in a spot with good air circulation to speed up the drying process.

Do the swim nappies come in different designs or patterns?

They do. You can browse a variety of designs at The Memo and choose a swim nappy that matches your baby’s personality or their current swimsuit.

How do the swim nappies maintain a snug fit without causing any chafing or discomfort?

Soft and stretchable materials combined with elastic leg openings mean our swim nappies have a comfortable but snug fit, with enough give to prevent chafing or discomfort for your baby.

How often should I change my baby’s swim nappy when at the pool or beach?

Check your baby’s swim nappy every 30 to 60 minutes, and change as soon as it becomes soiled or wet.

Can the swim nappies be worn under a swimsuit or on their own?

At The Memo, we’ve curated a range of swim nappies in fun designs and patterns. They can be worn on their own or under existing swimsuits.