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Mastering the Essentials: Your Guide to Nappy Bags

For new parents or those expecting, the importance of a nappy bag cannot be understated. Serving as a portable baby station, these bags are designed to carry all the essentials required to manage your newborn’s needs when you're out and about. From holding nappies (whether cloth nappies or single-use ones), wipes, and feeding items to spare clothes and dummies, nappy bags become an indispensable accessory.

So, what must-have items should you pack? Aside from the obvious – nappies – you should also include a changing pad; these are perfect when there aren't any changing tables, sanitising hand gel, a bottle of water, a couple of baby toys, and a change of clothes for those unexpected accidents. It's also worthwhile packing in some nappy rash cream or even a swim nappy depending on your plans for the day. For parents, it's always worth tucking away some snacks and your personal items.

For those purchasing a nappy bag for the first time, consider its size and compartments. Do you want a traditional style or a more contemporary nappy bag backpack? With the vast array of nappy bags Australia offers, it's beneficial to identify your priorities, such as space, style, or ease of cleaning. Whichever you choose, ensuring your bag suits your style while being functional is key to a seamless parenting experience.

Organising and Maintaining Your Nappy Bag

Choosing and looking after the right nappy bag can make life with your baby much more straightforward. When organising your nappy bag, it's a good idea to have designated spots for all the essentials: nappies, wipes, and feeding items. If you're often on the go, consider the nappy bag backpack for its spaciousness and comfort.

Keeping your nappy bag clean is just as crucial. Babies, as we know, can be unpredictable! It's wise to opt for nappy bags with easy-to-clean surfaces. For thorough cleaning, always refer to the bag's care instructions. This will help keep your bag looking new and ready for all your baby's adventures.

So, whether you're browsing the diverse range of nappy bags Australia has to offer or are curious about baby backpacks, understanding how to organise and maintain your bag efficiently will undoubtedly help you along your parenting journey.

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Nappy tote bags are perfect for parents who want a mix of style and practicality. They look good and make life easier. Baby-proof, but make it chic with the best tote nappy bags in Australia from The Memo.

At The Memo, we stock a curated edit of tote bags ideal for using as your nappy bag to keep you organised and in control on trips out of the house. Choose from best-selling brands such as Alf the Label, Bunnie Caddie, Phile and more.

One of our most popular brands, Alf the Label's nappy tote bags, are hard to overlook. They come with a handy long strap and adjustable side tabs to change the bag's shape, giving more room when needed. Packed with numerous internal and external pockets, these bags are as functional as they are stylish, perfectly fitting the needs of the modern-day parent. Discover our favourite nappy bags or explore our extended baby bag edit plus bag inserts and stroller clips now.

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Nappy tote bags are perfect for parents who want a mix of style and practicality that supports their bodies all at the same time. Comfy and convenient, you won’t want to go anywhere anymore without your nappy bag backpack. Get something stylish as well as practical from brands like Done by Deer, Bugaboo, Mina Baie and more with our curated edit at The Memo.

At The Memo, we stock a range of midi Harper or the full-size option. It includes space for a laptop, lots of internal and external pockets and is ultra luxe meaning it’s a good option for an office bag too. Ultra feminine, this chic leather backpack is big enough to fit a 13-inch Macbook as well as all the rest of your baby gear.

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Parents, find the top baby bag at The Memo with our curated edit of cross-body, backpack designs and inserts to slot into your regular handbag to help keep you organised. Select your preferred baby bag style in chic black, warm brown, taupe, or navy blue shades. When you shop for your new nappy bag at The Memo, you can enjoy free delivery over $149*, click & collect for our Victorian customers, and 30 days for returns and exchanges, to help give you added confidence to shop online. We only stock tried & tested baby bags that we love and know you will too.


What are the benefits of using a Nappy Bag?

Nappy bags offer several great benefits, including providing a convenient and organised way to carry all of your baby's essentials while on-the-go. They can also free up your hands, allowing you to focus on caring for your baby. Nappy bags and backpacks are also chic and stylish and come in a variety of designs, so you can choose one that best fits your personal style and fashion sense.

What should you look for in a Nappy Bag?

When choosing a nappy bag, consider factors such as size, weight, and storage space, as well as extra features such as insulation for bottles, pockets for organisation, and waterproof or water-resistant materials. It's also important to consider the type of bag that best suits your needs, whether that be a backpack, tote, messenger bag, or stroller bag.

Can Nappy Bags be used as a regular bag?

Definitely! Many nappy bags are designed to be versatile and can be used as a regular bag even after your baby has outgrown the need for a nappy bag. Not only are they stylish but many bags also have functional features, such as multiple pockets or compartments, making them useful for carrying other items, such as a laptop or gym clothes.

Is it worth buying a Nappy bag?

Absolutely. Investing in a nappy bag is worthwhile for most parents. They're specifically designed to organise and hold all baby essentials neatly, ensuring that everything you need is within easy reach, whether you're on a short trip or a longer outing.

Can you use any bag as a Nappy bag?

Technically, you can use any bag. However, dedicated nappy bags offer specially tailored compartments and features, such as insulated bottle pockets, which make accessing and organising baby essentials much more efficient.

What kind of Nappy bag do I need?

The ideal nappy bag depends on your lifestyle and personal preferences. Consider factors like the frequency of outings, the amount you carry, and desired features. For instance, if you travel often, you might want a water-resistant bag with multiple compartments.

Should I get a shoulder baby bag or a nappy backpack?

Both options have advantages. Shoulder nappy bags often align more with fashion and can be grabbed on the go. In contrast, nappy backpacks distribute weight evenly across your shoulders, making them a preferred choice for longer excursions or when juggling other bags or a pram.

What goes in a baby bag for a newborn at the hospital?

For a newborn's hospital visit, you'll want to pack essentials like nappies, baby wipes, a change of clothes, a soft receiving blanket, a hat for warmth, baby socks or booties, dummies, and perhaps a special toy or item for comfort. It's also a good idea to pack a spare outfit or two in your nappy bag in case of any spills or accidents.

What is the best kind of nappy bag?What is the best kind of nappy bag?

The "best" nappy bag truly varies based on individual needs. Some parents lean towards larger, compartment-rich bags, whereas others opt for compact, stylish designs. Before settling on one, consider your daily routine and check out top-rated options online from The Memo or ask fellow parents for recommendations.

What do I pack in a nappy bag?

Your nappy bag or backpack should have basics like nappies, wipes, a changing pad, a change of clothes, and feeding essentials. You should also consider other necessities based on your baby's age and needs, such as sunscreen for sunny days or a favourite toy to keep them entertained.

How do I attach a nappy bag to my pram?

Many nappy bags available in Australia include pram straps or hooks. If yours doesn't, universal pram clips can be a lifesaver, securely attaching your bag to most prams. Always ensure the weight doesn't tip your pram backwards for safety reasons.

Do I take a baby bag to the hospital?

It's highly recommended to bring a well-prepared nappy bag to the hospital. Besides providing essentials for your newborn, having familiar items can also offer a sense of comfort and preparedness during your hospital stay.