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The Best Baby Nappy Bags in Australia in 2021

By Alexandra Whiting   |  

Tote, backpack or sling, here's how to find a baby bag that works for you.

I don’t remember agreeing to it, but when you become a mum it seems you put down your handbag and don’t pick it up again for several months. Instead, you stuff your cards and phone in your pockets and the baby bag becomes your to-go item whenever you want to leave the house (also whenever you can’t find something). Your baby bag becomes a big staple of your day-to-day life, so it’s important to find a style that fits everything you need, works well with your other baby kit and makes you feel good using it. Ahead, our top picks of baby bags for your style of parenting.

1. The Backpack

Parent Vibe: Keep your hands free.

Often, usually before the baby arrives, a parent might stumble across something big, cute, maybe designer, maybe on sale (how could you not!) and decides it’s going to be their baby bag. But once baby arrives, they realise it’s too small/too heavy/doesn’t fit under the pram and is therefore not as much of a bargain as they thought. Hey, it happens! These parents often go for a backpack round two. You know why? Because they are so practical. They’re better for your back, keep things safely packed, and most importantly, keep your arms free! So you can push a pram, catch a toddler and drink a coffee without having to drop your stuff.

Great for: When the baby bag stays with the baby and is used by both parents/multiple carers (everyone suits a backpack).

Outing style: Out the door and on the street. Kiddo in pram or on foot, holding hands (cute).

Top Baby Bag Backpacks

Active X Unisex, $189.95 


Functional, easy to wear, that fits all the stuff, but also looks super cool with an edge. This baby backpack is unisex so all parents can be proud to carry it, and is free from animal products - instead it’s made with materials that are luxuriously soft-touch and water resistant. When it comes to smart design, Aluxo gets top marks as lifestyle and ease is key here. The baby bag backpack comes with a top handle so you can carry it like a tote. It includes a change mat, five internal pockets for organisation, three insulated baby bottle holders, two external pockets for water bottles and baby wipes, and a key leash.
"Absolutely love the bag! Looks even better in real life. Super soft to touch, plenty of room for packing and love the back access for nappies." - Melissa A.

Mina Baie Harper Midi Leather Backpack, $429


Not too big, and not too small, this ultra luxe backpack means so much more than a nappy bag and looks nothing like it. This midi size of the iconic Mina Baie Harper will hold all the things you need when out and about with a newborn while looking chic and stylish. It has ten internal compartments and three external pockets to keep all your essentials organised and accessible. We also love the top grain pebbled leather, on-trend top zip and insulated bottle compartment, plus the laptop compartment to fit a 13 inch Macbook, helping the back to work transition just a little more effortless.

"I am in love and can't wait for my little one to arrive so I can start using my new bag. Being a mum doesn't mean you have to have the boring backpack, this bag is super cute and practical. Great quality and every you want and need." - Bree C.

Mina Baie Kinney Vegan Backpack, $329

Mina Baie Kinney Backpack

Made of vegan material that feels and looks like leather, the Mina Baie backpack is incredibly functional while still looking luxe and on-trend. Play with the different configurations to suit your day - the straps can be adjusted so you can wear it on your back for hands free activities, or as a cross body bag, or just on your shoulder. The spacious centre compartment will help you fit everything you need for a day out with your baby, while the magnetic clasps mean you don't have to worry about trying to close a zip with a baby on your hip. With four external pockets, eight internal pockets, a key leash and a laptop sleeve, Mina Baie have really thought of all the ways to help you stay chic and organised.

Mina Baie Stevie Nylon, $369

Mina Baie Stevie Nylon Backpack

If you’re after a beautifully designed, super functional and lightweight backpack as your baby bag, this is it. Exclusive to the memo in Australia, the Mina Baie Stevie Nylon will make getting around with a baby a little bit more effortless. It has a spacious centre compartment with all internal pockets to house all your things (dummy, swaddle wrap, nappies, wipes), an insulated pocket just for a bottle, plus side and front pockets for easy access to your phone and keys. Designed with easy to clean nylon, a removable shoulder strap and fixed backpack straps, you can wear the Stevie any way that suits you and your lifestyle. It even comes with a laptop sleeve for a 15” Macbook because, life goes on.

"Great bag. Good size, plenty of storage space and pockets." Caroline F.

Done By Deer Changing Backpack, $149.95

Done By Deer Changing Backpack

This is smart, stylish and no-fuss baby organising at its best. The Done by Deer changing backpack combines functionality, long-lasting design and sustainability. The design gives you the freedom to go out and about hands-free and bring along all your baby essentials. Adjustable shoulder and sternum straps make it super comfortable to wear, and it can also be carried with the grab handle. The wide opening allows for easy access while the seven inner pockets and one outer zip pocket make organising a breeze. We love that it comes with a practical foldable changing mat with waterproof surface and two stroller hooks, a true all-in-one. Both the waterproof zippers and surface make the backpack weatherproof and wipedownable.

Bellroy Tokyo Totepack, $239

Bellroy Tokyo Totepack


2. The Tote

Parent Vibe: Everything you need at a glance.

Don't like to be restricted by compartments? Prefer everything where you can see it? A tote style baby bag is great for chucking everything in, being able to open it (fully) and grab anything when you need it. These styles usually sit on your shoulder when in use, so opt for something lightweight like the Bellroy Market Tote. It's the perfect shape to slide under the pram, or load up with shopping if you just need to grab a few extra things.

Great for: When your organisation style is “orderly chaos”.

Outing style: Off in the car to a playdate or whizzing around the shops with the pram.

Top Baby Tote Bags

Bellroy Market Tote, $55

 Bellroy Market Tote

Keep it casual with Bellroy’s incredibly versatile and so chic tote. Lightweight and durable with long shoulder straps, the Market Tote is your everyday dependable, for a quick grocery run to long days at the beach. It stands upright when open and comes with two side sleeves to keep bottles upright. You will also rely on the centre slip pocket for small essentials and the fact that it folds away flat. Keep in your boot, grab and go and get on with your day, in style.

Bunnie Caddie Bunnie Bag, $180

Bunnie Caddie Bunnie Bag

Keeping all your changing essentials close to hand has never been this functional. The Bunnie Baby Bag makes a great out-and-about tote, made of water resistant quilted fabric and designed with a sleek black finish, it has a centre divider, internal pockets, an internal bottle holder, and a front pocket with a zip to hold your keys and phone. It includes a padded change mat which you can keep in its own storage pocket and features easy to carry with two durable handles and an adjustable body strap.

Storksak Stevie Luxe Bag, $209.05

Storksak Stevie Lux Bag

You can’t go wrong with this shoulder hold all in waterproof scuba shell. Accented by smooth leather trims and statement hardware details, the Stevie Luxe comes with a long detachable strap, adjustable side tabs to convert into a tote shape and increase capacity, plus five internal pockets and two outer zipped pockets for essentials. We love the wide opening with zipped closure to keep everything secure, and how it comes with a washable padded changing mat inside. The final thought-of-everything touch? The insulated food and bottle bag (AKA a FAB bag, get it?) which keeps contents warm or cool for up to four hours.

Mina Baie Emmy Midi Vegan Leather, $329

Mina Baie Emmy Midi Vegan Leather

The classic style of an overnight bag has been modernised into this baby bag for the parent-on-the-go. Mina Baie’s Emmy Midi Baby Bag works as a tote, holding all your baby and parenting essentials when out and about, think nappies, wipes, dummies, nappy wallet, muslin wraps, teethers, bottles, the lot. The practical features include water resistant lining, nine internal pockets, two exterior bottle pockets, and exterior phone pocket with magnetic closure. You can carry it via the five inch vegan leather grab handle, the 24 inch shoulder strap or the removable backpack straps. We love this kind of style for parents because the extra wide opening allows you to easily find what you need, and because the Emmy is lightweight (at only 0.79kgs), it’s a great option for people used to getting around, as it will never feel too bulky, even when loaded up with all the stuff.

3. The Sling

Parenting vibe: Keep the essentials close.

My husband’s favourite thing of 2021. He calls it his “go” bag for when he needs to get out of the house with the toddler and the dog, with just enough on him to keep everyone happy and safe. This usually means it’s loaded with wipes, a single nappy, a water bottle, a snack and the dog's ball. The sling lets you be active and free when you’re getting around the playground (sometimes you have to go down the slide too), but still keep your valuables close.

Great for: Being the parental safety net when you want to walk the dog, grab a coffee or burn off some steam at the local park.

Outing style: Out for a good time not a long time.

Top Baby Sling Bags

Bellroy Crossbody Sling, $139.95

Bellroy Sling Bag

Stylish, easy to wear and a practical way to keep everything close (and you hands free), Bellroy’s Cross Body Bag Slings are the ultimate new parent accessory. The smart design contains a front compartment for quick-access valuables and a main compartment with a soft-lined sunglasses pouch and key clip, pack all the stuff you need when on-the-go, think phone, wallet, sunnies, nappies, hand sanitiser and a snack. The expandable gusset self-compresses and is made from water-resistant woven fabric from recycled plastic bottles, while the straps are made of soft nylon with a magnetic clasp for easy removal.

"My husband's favourite thing. I bought this as a toddler bag - built for action - that we could grab and go. My husband has totally made it his own, he also uses it for when he goes out with the dog. Yesterday I heard him say, sort of to me, mostly to himself, "I love this bag, it's perfect for me." So yeah. High praise." - Alex W.

4. Work and Baby Bags

Parenting Vibe: Part baby, part work bag. Sometimes you need a bag that does both. A chic-baby-bag-come-briefcase lets you wear your multiple hats and always have what you need. For this, we love the VESTIRSI Simone Bag, it looks smart and stylish in the boardroom and cool and practical at music group. It’s such a classic, like a Birkin (but nowhere near as expensive), so you’ll use it far beyond your pram-pushing days. In years to come it could hold goggles, sales reports, sleepover invites and a laptop that answers emails for you (it’s the future, you never know).

Great for: When each parent has their own baby bag.

Outing style: Everywhere I go, you’ll be there.

VESTIRSI Simone Bag, $300


The contents of your bag might change (hello baby wipes and dummies), but we know you’re still you. The Simone is a large luxe carry-all, perfect for a new mum who wants to stay in style, always. Super roomy to fit all the stuff, Simone is crafted from the highest quality full-grain Italian leather and features a chic belt detail, her thick straps sit comfortably on your arm or shoulder. With this bag, it’s not about compartments, it’s about easy access and getting all your stuff into one bag without breaking a sweat.

"I have been eyeing this bag off for a long while and finally took the plunge. Not only does it look great, it is the perfect bag for work, carrying everything required day to day (laptop, personal items, notebook , water bottle, lunch etc) as well as being the perfect carryall when it comes to toddlers/babies on weekends. It fits everything I need for myself as well as my little one to get through the day - change of clothes, nappies, drinks, snacks, toys/books." - Sarah H.

VESTIRSI Monica Bag, $329

Vestirsi Monica Bag

The contents of your bag might change (hello baby wipes and dummies), but we know you’re still you. This is a large luxe carry-all, perfect for a new mum who wants to stay in style, always. Super roomy to fit all the stuff, the Monica Tote is crafted from the highest quality pebbled Italian leather. The versatile shape is roomy enough to hold nappies, dummies, a muslin wrap, toys, teethers, bottles etc etc, and features a removable microsuede organiser pouch with three compartments and a key hook, plus one zip pocket and one open pocket, handy for keeping all the things in all the right places. We love how open it is, meaning you can find what you need with one hand on the fly, and that its relatively lightweight, to save on the schlep.

5. Other Diaper Bags

Parenting vibe: Can’t I just use the bag I’ve already got?

Of course you can! If you already have a shopper or tote you love, you can totally make it your baby bag. Wish it had more compartments? Add an insert, like The Nappy Society Original Insert. With separate compartments, five hidden pockets and two insulated bottle pockets, this thought-of-everything style slips straight into your existing bag. Oh, it also comes with a padded change mat, a card holder and key holder. So basically, it turns your old shopper into something Q would design for Bond.

Great for: When you want to still feel like you and use what you have.

Outing style: Baby, you’re coming to lunch.

The Nappy Society Original Insert, $99

The Nappy Society Original Insert

Already in love with your tote bag and not into the idea of investing in a brand new nappy bag? Easy. Transition into new parent life with The Nappy Society’s Original Insert, a bag organiser that fits beautifully into your traditional hold alls. Featuring separate compartments, five hidden pockets and two insulated bottle pockets, this thought-of-everything style also comes with a padded change mat, a card holder and key holder. It wipes clean for added durability and ease.

"Excellent bag, fits a lot in! Love the colour and quality of this bag. I can fit a bunch of stuff into the bag in an orderly way. Definitely recommend this as a staple!" - Samantha E.

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