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How to choose the best travel pram

By Olivia Windsor   |  

They’re lightweight, foldable, and get you and bub from A to B with ease. 

One of your big buys when you’re expecting will undoubtedly be a pram. With so many options to choose from, we get that it can become seriously overwhelming. If you’re a frequent traveller, or you’re just looking for something easy, consider a travel pram. They’re lightweight, foldable, and get you and bub from A to B with ease. Here’s how to choose the very best travel pram or stroller (we promise no long lists of prams in sight!).

What to look for when buying a travel pram:

1. Size

If you’re looking for a travel pram, then you’re likely also looking for something lightweight. Forget about big and bulky, you want something that will easily fit in the boot of your car or in the overhead compartment on a plane. One thing to keep in mind is the age of your child when looking for a travel stroller. If you have a newborn, prams are generally slightly bigger and bulkier, compared to strollers for children aged 6 months and older.  

2. Portability 

It’s a no-brainer, we know, but when you’re buying a travel pram you want to make sure it’s ultra portable. It should be lightweight so it doesn’t eat into your luggage allowance, have a strap to sling it over your shoulder so you can carry it around with ease, and fold up with virtually one touch. If it’s skimping on any of these qualities, then ditch it. Both of the Babyzen prams we stock at the memo fit the bill here. They fold and unfold in an instant with just one touch and also include a padded comfortable shoulder strap making lugging it around less of a lug!

3. Ease of use 

A travel stroller should be gear that helps you, not gear that’s cause for a nervous breakdown everytime you need to fold it up. Invest in a pram that’s super easy to use no matter who’s wheeling your baby around in it. We’ve got to admit, the Babyzen Yoyo pram wins again here since it’s so easy to use it can literally be steered with just one hand. 

4. Machine washable

We’re sure you got the memo that this having a baby thing involves just a little bit of mess at the best of times. Needless to say, you’re going to be constantly on the lookout for machine washable/easy to wash gear. And your travel pram is no exception! Whether your baby has a little accident or there’s vomit involved, you want a pram that’s going to be a piece of cake to clean up. We can’t praise the Babyzen Yoyo Prams enough for being suitable to wash the fabrics in the machine! They’re very easy to remove from the frame of your pram and throw in the wash at 30C.  

5. Sufficient canopy 

No matter where you are when out and about with bub, you want to make sure they’re protected from rain or shine weather. It’s something that can be overlooked when it comes to a travel stroller, but we seriously recommend making sure you buy something with a sufficient canopy to keep them shaded from all types of weather. Ideally, choose a travel pram with a waterproof canopy and something that is also made from anti-UV fabric (SPF 50+) to ensure your little one is always protected. 

6. Built-in safety strap 

While you’re looking for something easy and lightweight, the one thing that should never be compromised is safety. Opt for a travel pram that provides safety for your baby and peace of mind for you, with one that has a secure harness. The Yoyo baby stroller is a great option here with a 5 point harness to keep your little one securely locked in.Other great safety features include its ‘soft-drive’ system which means you always don’t have to worry about locking the front wheels. There is a brake you can push on just like a pedal too. 

Best Travel Pram

Armed with our checklist for how to choose a travel pram, go forth and conquer confidently! If you pull our arm though, we’ll tell you there’s no better pram to choose from though then one from Babyzen. If you’ve got a newborn, opt for the pram and bassinet set or if your child is 6 months or older, pick up the Yoyo stroller. They’re absolute best for quality, tick all of the above things to look out for and our number one choice for air or car travel. We recommend adding it to your gift registry so your loved ones can help get you the absolute best travel pram!

Pram bag for air travel

Now you’ve got your travel stroller sorted, let us leave you with some final advice on pram bags for travel. You want something lightweight, with enough zips and pockets to keep your organised, but not bulky enough to weight you down (and hence defeat the whole purpose of your lightweight stroller!) Meet the Mini Pram Caddy from The Nappy Society. It perfectly fits the Yoyo travel pram, strapping onto the handles with ease. It even includes a phone pocket and one insulated bottle pocket.

Looking for more advice on how to choose all the things? Have a read on how to choose a bassinet, choosing a breast pump and what to look for with a highchair now. If you need some help working out what to pack in your baby bag (also applicable for travelling), check out our blog post here. 

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