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Gifts That Really Get New, and Soon-to-Be, Mums

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It can be tough being pregnant, or a very new mum, over the festive season. Help mum feel seen, and loved, with these thoughtful gifts for every stage.

It can be tough being pregnant, or a very new mum, over the festive season. You’re likely exhausted, figuring out your changing body and bracing for the onslaught of family events that are sure to come with unsolicited advice and unnecessary stories, no Aunty Mary’s cousin, no one needed to hear your scary birth story. You know what makes these mums feel better? Knowing that you’re thinking of them. So we’ve curated some thoughtful gift recommendations that will make mum feel good.

Something for the newly pregnant

With the announcement of pregnancy usually comes celebration, the second trimester (and hopefully less morning sickness). Yes You Can alcohol-free drinks are a delicious way to cheers to a baby on the way and still feel part of the fun. Just because you're not drinking doesn't mean you're back at the kids table. Speaking of drinks, the Love Tea Congratulations Gift Pack is a great gift for expecting mums that will serve them through all trimesters. A beautiful book like The Birth Space by Gabrielle Nancarrow is lovely for newly pregnant women navigating their options in the birthing landscape, while a mum heading into her third trimester may really appreciate a Mère Birth Kit, it has all the good stuff to care for her body through pregnancy and postpartum.

Something for "almost d-day" mum

If you're buying for a mum who's almost at their due date, you can help them out by thinking about what they'll need for the hospital. The Hospital Bag Cosy Comforts Gift Set</a> is all the lovely necessities of a hospital bag (the stuff they probably haven't thought of). If you're close friends, and maybe coming from experience, The Fanny Pack might be more appropriate. They'll thank you later. You could also consider their outfit for going into the hospital, a robe is so practical (and quite chic), as is this In Bed Linen Shirt Dress. If they are your secret santa, go with Mere Botanicals Mum Organic Raspberry Leaf Tea.

Something for the new mum

New mums need a lot of stuff, but they are usually focused on the stuff the baby needs, rather than themselves. Lovely luxe slippers or a robe are a way to make new mums, who are spending a lot of time at home, feel a little more together. Another option is thinking about their body with is healing (show you care by grabbing them Bare Mum Postpartum Sitz Bath), and if they are breastfeeding, burning lots of calories - FYI: Franjos Kitchen Mum Tanker Topper Biscuits are the best lactation cookies. If they've started venturing out, and discovered the baby bag they thought they'd use is actually totally impractical, you could show them the light with the PHILE Baby Bag, or gift them a very excellent book about the stats on parenting, Cribsheet by Emily Oster.

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