Failsafe baby bag packing guides

Getting out of the house with a kid, can be a journey in itself. When they’re a newborn, you just need everyone to stay dry (no poos, spews or boob leaks, please). When they’re babies, it’s trying to time everything perfectly so that no disaster naps occur. When they’re toddlers, it’s trying to keep them dressed! It can also be a million other things, but more than one parent has altogether given up on going out because of spews, naps or shoes. To make it easier to get out and stay out, we’ve pulled together packing lists for your baby bag at each stage. As for the bag, find one that works for you. If you’re mainly going to get around via pram, a pram organiser will be your jam. If you want something that adapts from mum life to work life, check out the Vestirsi Simone Bag. If you like to be agile and travel light, you can’t go past the Mini Baie Nylon Stevie Backpack. Happy adventuring parents!



Loaded nappy wallet (3 x nappies, wipes, mini rash cream)

Extra feed (breast milk in bottle or formula and sterilized bottle)

Muslin wrap (for covering over the pram, to create some shade or put over you while feeding)

Onesie and singlet (for easy outfit change)



Bunny rug


Comfort toy

Breast pads

Maternity pads

Water for you

Snack for you (new mums get hungry and thirsty)

Change of top for you



Loaded nappy wallet


Extra feed

Bottle for water


Loaded snack box

Hat (for protection in Summer and warmth in Winter)

Outfit change



Book/Toy (Distraction)



Loaded nappy wallet


Sippy cup

Loaded lunchbox (Two snack options for toddlers who like to call the shots)

Hat (for protection in Summer and warmth in Winter)

Outfit change


Bug repellent

Favourite toy (Comfort/distraction)

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