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How to Find Your Perfect Match in a Baby Bag

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"I'm a backpack person, but my partner loves a convertible."

I don’t remember agreeing to it, but when you become a mum it seems you put down your handbag and don’t pick it up again for several months. Instead, you stuff your cards and phone in your pockets and the baby bag becomes your to-go item whenever you want to leave the house (also whenever you can’t find something). Your baby bag becomes a big staple of your day-to-day life, so it’s important to find a style that fits everything you need, works well with your other baby kit and makes you feel good using it.

The Pouch

Parenting vibe: Keep the essentials close.

If you load the sling bag right, you don't have to take much else! Wipes, a single nappy, a water bottle, a snack and your phone and you're off! The Portier On-The-Go Pouch lets you be active and free (well, as free as you can be out with a baby) when you’re getting around the playground (sometimes you have to go down the slide too), but still keep your valuables close.

Great for: Being the parental safety net when you want to walk the dog, grab a coffee or burn off some steam at the local park.

Outing style: Out for a good time not a long time.

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The Backpack

Parenting vibe: Practicality is king.

A backpack means action. You can have everything you need, without any restrictions. You can even wear the baby carrier with a backpack strapped on. Our new favourite is the Aluxo Active X Unisex Backpack. Made from soft-touch, water-resistant vegan leather, it's wipe-clean, lightweight and full of compartments. It's also spacious — you'll fit everything in — but not bulky in that kindergartener-on-their-first-day-at-big-school way.

Great for: Bags that stay with the kid and are used by multiple parents.

Outing style: The world's our oyster (until nap time).

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The Work/Baby Bag

Parenting Vibe: Also know as a "convertible", these are part baby, part work bags, and often have multiple ways of wearing (backpack/crossbody/handbag). Sometimes you need a bag that does both. A chic-baby-bag-come-briefcase lets you wear your multiple hats and always have what you need. For this, we love the Mina Baie Harper Backpack or the smaller Mina Baie Harper Midi Backpack. For a real looks-like-a-handbag-handles-like-a-baby-bag, the Alf The Label Vegan Zoe can't be beat. It looks smart and stylish in the boardroom and cool and practical at music group. In years to come it could hold goggles, sales reports, sleepover invites and a laptop that answers emails for you (it’s the future, you never know).

Great for: When each parent has their own baby bag.

Outing style: Everywhere I go, you’ll be there.

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The Under-Pram Wonder

Parenting vibe: Load it and pack it under the pram

These bags are like mini weekenders. They have pockets, compartments, come with a change mat, have straps for shoulder carry, cross-body or briefcase hold and are the perfect shape to slide under the pram. The soft outer of the Bunnie Caddie Bunnie Bag gives it load flexibility and keeps it light-weight always.

Great for: Earth signs and anyone else who likes be very organised in order to appear effortless.

Outing style: Practically perfect in every way.

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The "Insert Baby Bag Here" Insert

Parenting vibe: Can’t I just use the bag I’ve already got?

Of course you can! If you already have a shopper or tote you love, you can totally make it your baby bag. Wish it had more compartments? Add an insert, like The Nappy Society Original Insert. With separate compartments, five hidden pockets and two insulated bottle pockets, this thought-of-everything style slips straight into your existing bag. Oh, it also comes with a padded change mat, a card holder and key holder. So basically, it turns your old shopper into something Q would design for Bond.

Great for: When you want to still feel like you and use what you have.

Outing style: Baby, you’re coming to lunch.

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