Baby Change Tables

Got a baby? Gotta change them. Baby changing tables are a key item in a nursery to help you make nappy changes comfortable and effortless for all.

Baby Changing Tables: The Essential Nursery Item

Looking for a changing table? You're in the right place! Next to bathing essentials, a baby changing table is one of the most important pieces of baby gear you can buy (or be gifted). You're guaranteed to get more than daily use out of it - try around eight times a day for as long as your child wears nappies. Change tables are a clean and comfortable space to change your baby and provide precious extra storage space.

Create an Organised Nursery: Change Tables With Drawers

Make full use of your baby change table by buying one with room for storage boxes or built-in shelves. You can store spare nappies, nappy wipes, spare clothes and even toys in a space that is easy to access when you most need it. 

At The Memo, we stock a curated edit of the very best nappy change tables from Linea by Leander. They're as practical as they are stylish and an absolute essential when a newborn arrives.

Smartly designed, with safety at its core, this minimalist changing table from Linea by Leander has raised sides to prevent your baby from rolling off the edges. With two shelves to hold all your changing essentials, everything you need can be stored within reach. Simply change, wipe clean any spills (it happens) and repeat.

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Nappy Change Table FAQs


What are the key features to look for in a baby change table?

When scouting for a baby change table, look for stability, safety straps, ample storage, and surfaces that are a breeze to clean - this could mean a washable change mat or a surface that is easy to wipe down with soap and warm water. It's not just about function; aesthetics matter too. Choose something that will go with the overall design of your nursery: whether that is a more minimalist changing table or something with plenty of features.

How do I choose the right height for a change table?

Pick a change table height that feels natural for you and your partner - you’ll use it the most. It should allow you to handle your baby without any awkward bending or stretching. It’s a great idea to check the measurements and specs of your baby change table before you buy, so you get an idea of how high and wide the structure will be.

What's the difference between a change table and a changing pad?

A change table is a dedicated piece of furniture for those nappy moments, often boasting storage below. A changing pad is a cushioned surface you can place on top of tables – a dedicated change table or another surface around your home. Changing pads are more portable, whereas your changing table will stay in your nursery.

How do I properly clean and sanitise a baby change table?

Stick to gentle, baby-friendly cleaning agents. A quick wipe post-change and a deeper clean once a week should do the trick. And always, always ensure it's dry before your baby's back on it.

How can I make my baby more comfortable on the change table?

A padded changing mat can work wonders for comfort. You can also try attaching a mobile or toy overhead to keep your baby occupied while changing their nappy.

What are the recommended safety features for a baby change table?

Always check for any safety certifications - any models you are looking at should have been tested and certified against various safety requirements. It’s important to look for sturdy, well-constructed tables that won’t tip while you’re using them. Other design features like raised edges and safety straps are also key.

Can I assemble a changing table myself, or do I need professional help?

Most change tables come with straightforward instructions. But if DIY isn't your forte, there's no harm in getting a pro to ensure everything's as it should be.

Are there portable change tables suitable for travel?

Absolutely. There are lightweight, foldable change tables designed for parents on the move. Nappy emergencies don't care if you're on holiday! You can browse our curated collection of portable cots online at The Memo.

How much weight can a standard baby change table hold?

This varies, but most can safely hold between 15-30kg. Always refer to the manufacturer's guidelines before purchasing or using your changing table.

What materials are commonly used in the construction of baby change tables?

At The Memo, we stock change tables made from strong materials to ensure stability and safety. You’ll find baby change tables made from beechwood in our collection.

How long can I expect a high-quality baby change table to last?

With a bit of care, a top-notch baby change table can be around for years, possibly even serving siblings down the line.

Can I use a regular table as a makeshift change table?

You could, but ensure it's stable and always use a padded changing pad. And remember, never leave your baby unattended.

What accessories should I consider buying with a baby change table?

Storage baskets, changing pads, and nappy organisers can all make the changing process smoother. But it's about what works for you. Customise to your heart's content, and use the storage space as needed.

Is it better to buy a new changing table or can I buy a second-hand one?

New tables come with guarantees and the comfort of knowing their history. But a second-hand one, if in good condition, can serve just as well. Just give it a thorough check before committing. It is also a good idea to research the model and brand so you are across any features and safety certifications.