Baby Nest Beds

A baby nest is perfect for creating a familiar napping, lounging, playing and even feeding space for your little bundle of joy. They have so many useful applications – from making feedings comfortable for mum and baby, to safely lounging in unfamiliar places and for supervised playtime.

What is a baby nest?

A baby nest is a cosy little portable place for your baby with soft padded sides. It is ideal for resting your bub on their back while you get some work done and they can feel warm and secure at the same time. Nests were first seen in Sweden where they’ve been used as medical devices to keep newborn and premature babies feeling cosy and safe. Alternatively, check. out our baby loungers.

Why do you need one?

We recommend these as a great comforting tool to help your baby feel at ease when transitioning out of the womb into the world! Baby nests are so soft and comfortable that they make for ideal sleep aids, although you should always pay attention to your baby if they fall asleep inside one and never leave them unsupervised. Baby nests allow your child to be placed straight on their back, which is the recommended way to put your baby down to sleep to reduce the risk of SIDS. Besides helping with sleep time, we love them for:

  • Relaxation: help to add a feeling of calm and security
  • Tummy time: Pop your bub on their tummy in this supportive nest
  • Play time: You can double your nest with an activity gym over the top
  • Changing nappies and clothes
  • Hands-free time: We know you’re a supermum, but sometimes you really do need two hands to get something done!

It’s important to stop using your nest once your baby is old enough to roll over from their back onto their tummy to avoid suffocation.

How to choose a baby nest?

There are a few things to think about when choosing your product, but the number one priority of course is always safety. Read on for our tips on what to look out for:

  1. Safety : Consider choosing a nest that is breathable and comes with strict adherence to safety guidelines like those we stock at the memo. It’s wise to choose a nest with a firm mattress too, as soft mattresses have been linked to increased risk of SIDS.
  2. Material: Opt for machine washable materials to make your life easier!
  3. Portability: We always recommend choosing a nest that will be good for travelling so your bub has a safe space to transition from your home to somewhere new.

Our top picks

At the memo, we stock a stylish, practical range your baby will love. Choose from Done by Deer Cozy Nest

The style icon is here with Done by Deer’s cozy nest in mauve, grey or deep blue. Breathable and air permeable, this is ideal for transitioning your bub from womb into the big wide world while helping them feel safe and secure. The raised sides of the nest and foam mattress allow for good stability and optimum comfort. We love that the nest is fitted with hidden side zippers that allow you to strip off the covers and remove the mattress to wash it as needed.

Cocoonababy Bassinet

Looking for a baby nest bassinet? Your prayers have been answered thanks to Cocoonababy! This is a great bassinet for your baby to help reduce gastric reflux, minimise the risk of flat head syndrome and keep them secure with a strap to prevent them from waking up from any involuntary jerky movements. This ergonomic nest has an elongated semi-fetal position which is designed to mimic the comfort and security of mum’s womb. Our customers really love the Cocoonabay and have left many outstanding baby nest reviews on this one! Kate tells how it really helped her little boy who had reflux thanks to the slightly elevated shape. Another customer, Nicole, also raves about how it helped her baby who was in a leg brace for hip dysplasia.

Where to buy

Ready to buy your baby nest in Australia? Perfect, we’ve got you covered! Now that you’re familiar with our top quality options from bestselling brands and know what to look out for when selecting your baby nest, you’re ready to make your choice. Simply choose your favourite cosy nest and add it to your cart.

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