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19 products

What is a baby rocker? 

A baby rocker is your new best friend for some hands-free time when you just need to get stuff done! A rocker is a safe place that you can lie your baby in with a slanted base that rocks gently. This rocking motion can be really soothing to babies and is suitable for newborns up until 6 months of age. Investing in a rocker is great for your baby’s motor skills as well as giving your arms a break from holding them. 

What is a baby bouncer? 

A bouncer is similar to a baby rocker but it doesn’t rock. It’s a reclining seat suitable for newborns until  about 6 months that doesn’t rock.  Baby bouncers are slightly flexible so they will move a little when pushed or if your baby kicks when they get older.

A bouncer is another great investment for keeping your baby entertained and giving you some hands-free time. They are lightweight and compact so can be transported around fairly easily and turned into a feeding seat when you start weaning. 

What is a baby nest? 

At the memo, we also have a tight edit of baby nests for you to discover. Baby nests are increasingly popular as they are a safe and cosy place to put your baby in to sleep. They are light and portable and will make your baby feel snug and secure just like in the womb. 

Benefits of baby rockers

Wondering why you should invest in a baby rocker? Some of the benefits of baby rockers include: 

  • The gentle rocking will help put your baby to sleep. If you’re looking for some helpful tips on getting your baby to have a good sleep, take a look at our blog here
  • Rocking calms a crying baby 
  • The rocking motion will help to build your child’s balance and their vestibular system which is vital for helping them transition to walking later in life
  • Baby rockers are a safe way for mum or dad to get hands-free time and rest tired arms 
  • They’re portable and lightweight so can easily be moved around the house as you move about rooms 
  • Our rockers are a beautiful piece of furniture to add to your nursery room 

How to use a baby bouncer

You need to pay attention when using bouncers and rockers to make sure your child’s safety is upheld. Bouncers and rockers should be kept on the floor when your baby is in them and not carried from room to room with your baby strapped in. When using our bouncers with straps, it’s important to keep the straps snug but keep an eye on them to ensure they’re not too tight against your baby’s airway. Finally, pay attention to the bouncer’s weight limits. If your little one can already sit up unaided, then it’s time to ditch the bouncer. 

Best baby rocker- Our Picks: 

At the memo we have a curated edit of the very best baby rockers and bouncers on the market. You can choose from popular brands like Baby Bjorn, Charlie Crane and Rockit to find the rocker that suits your little one best.

Rockit Baby Rocker

The most ‘alternative’ in our collection - meet the portable rocker to strap onto your pram when you’re out and about. This automatic baby rocker is battery operated and needs to be attached to your pram to help give your bub a gentle and uninterrupted rock. Prevent your little one from waking up or crying when your pram is stationary, because this device will keep your pram rocking for you.  The device has a ​quiet motor with an adjustable speed and will free up your hands and give you a bit of extra time back to get on with your day.

Wooden Baby Rocker

Charlie Crane is our go-to brand if you’re looking for a stunning piece of furniture and a wooden baby rocker in one. The Levo Baby Rocker is designed for your baby to be comfortably strapped in and distribute their weight evenly. Crafted in wood and cotton muslin, the rockers are lightweight enough to be easily moved around the house to wherever you may be. You can choose from some stunning cotton colour options including simple white or grey.

Baby Bjorn Bouncer

These bouncers are some of our bestsellers for a reason. Choose between the Baby Bjorn soft jersey option or the easier to clean mesh bouncers depending on your material preferences. We love these functional bouncers for your baby to play, kicking their legs and waving their arms, which will gently move the bouncer. The seat distributes your baby’s weight evenly, which is particularly important for newborn babies. A great feature of these bouncers is their ability to fold down, making storage a breeze. Simply take them out when you need some hands-free time and fold up and slide under the couch for when you’re not using them.

Done by Deer Baby Nests

Baby will feel like they’re sitting on a cloud with these gorgeous baby nests from Done by Deer. Made from 100% cotton, they are super cosy and breathable allowing for your little one to feel safe and snug inside. We recommend these nests for newborns up until they reach more than the length of the nest (70cms). Choose from a navy blue, deep grey or mulberry shade. 

How to buy baby rockers & bouncers at the memo

the memo is the best place to buy all your baby essentials with our tightly curated edit of only the very best baby rockers & bouncers that we trust. Whether you’re buying for your own family, or selecting a thoughtful gift for a loved one, we want you to feel comfortable with your purchase. Our online store offers numerous benefits to help achieve this! Firstly, rest assured that if you’re not happy with your purchase we offer free returns within 30 days to help give you the extra confidence you need before you buy. Next, we are happy to offer free delivery for all orders over $99 so you don’t need to spend money on anything other than your new baby essentials. If your order doesn’t meet the free delivery threshold and it’s convenient to get to our Moorabbin warehouse, then we invite you to use our click & collect service. 

Another great reason to get your baby gear with us, is to join our loyalty club. If you’ve got a new child, then chances are you’re going to need to stock up on some baby and toddler essentials fairly regularly. With my memo, you can make all those purchases add up to rewards for you and your baby! When you spend $1000, we'll reward you with a lifetime 10% off everything. It’s a club designed to help you do baby, better, and reward you for making the memo your go-to place for parenting.

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