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Purchasing a baby play mat is a fantastic way to give your baby a safe and engaging space to explore, play, and develop crucial skills early on. The Memo has a collection of high-quality baby foam play mats and padded play mats in various colours. Choose from pink, beige, emerald green, grey, navy, rust, blue and more, for ages 0 to 18 months. Stimulating and joyful, you can count on a fun baby play mat to serve up a daily dose of entertainment (and distraction) for your infant. Browse the range today at The Memo.

The versatility of baby activity play mats

If you’re a new parent, choosing the right baby play mat that creates a safe and stimulating environment for your baby is a significant decision. Whether you're setting up a nursery or looking for a portable option that can be used in multiple rooms, a good play mat is an investment in your baby's comfort and growth.

Baby activity play mats offer remarkable versatility, serving multiple functions that support your child's growth and development. Initially, they provide a safe, cushioned surface ideal for tummy time, helping your baby strengthen their neck and shoulder muscles, which is essential for milestones like rolling over, sitting, and crawling. As your child grows, the play mat becomes a sensory playground; many come equipped with detachable toys, mirrors, and textures designed to stimulate visual, auditory, and tactile senses. These interactive features are fun and educational, aiding cognitive development and hand-eye coordination.

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When your baby is ready to use a baby mat, look no further than The Memo for buying superior quality activity mats that allow for safe play. When you’ve found the right product for you, simply add to your cart and proceed to checkout. You can take advantage of our AfterPay service, which allows you to buy (and enjoy!) now and pay for your products over fortnightly installments. Many of our activity mats come with free shipping for orders over $150, however the Little Wiwa mats are quite large and therefore considered bulky goods. Find out more information about shipping costs for those items here.

If you’d like to skip the delivery charges and live in Melbourne, use our click-and-collect services. You can come to our warehouse in Moorabbin, Victoria and easily collect your products. Orders are usually ready within 2-4 business hours of placing and can be collected Monday- Friday between 9 am-5 pm. You will be notified via email when your order is ready for collection.

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Compare and contrast the top baby play mats in Australia.

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What are the safety standards for children's play mats in Australia?

In Australia, safety standards for children's play mats are often guided by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC). While there may not be specific legislation solely targeted at children's play mats, general product safety laws apply. These laws mandate that consumer goods, including baby and children's products, must be safe and meet specific requirements to prevent injury or harm. Rest assured that all of our play mats available at The Memo meet the ACCC’s guidelines.

How do I choose the right size play mat for my child's playroom?

Choosing the right size play mat for your child's playroom is easy: simply measure the available space in your playroom. You want a mat that fits well within the room while allowing space for other furniture and walking areas. Remember that children grow quickly, and a slightly larger mat can be a good investment as it can adapt to your child’s needs.

What materials are typically used in play mats, and which are considered safest for children?

Play mats for children can be made from various materials, including foam, rubber, organic cotton or wool, and silicone. Always opt for certified non-toxic mats that are free from harmful chemicals.

Can I find play mats that are specifically designed for outdoor use in Australia?

Yes, at The Memo we stock Jnr.Life play mats that can be packed in its carrier tote for outdoor adventures.

What's the average price range for children's play mats in Australia?

The price range for children's play mats in Australia can vary widely based on various factors such as size, material, brand, and additional features like textures or built-in toys. At The Memo, you can find baby play mats from $70 upwards of $400.

How can I clean and maintain my child's play mat to ensure longevity?

Maintaining the cleanliness and longevity of your child's play mat involves a few simple yet crucial steps. Firstly, give the mat a good vacuum to remove loose dirt, hair and crumbs. Then, use a damp cloth and mild soap to spot-clean small areas. Avoid using harsh chemicals as these can be harmful to your baby. Some foam and rubber mats are not machine washable, but fabric mats usually are.

Where can I find educational play mats with features like alphabet letters, numbers, or other learning aids?

Right here at The Memo! We stock a collection of standard play mats in various colours and styles with hanging toys, mirrors and other learning aids.

How do I know if a playmat is age-appropriate for my child?

Most reputable brands offer age guidelines on their products. Always refer to these as a starting point, but remember, they are often just that—a guide, rather than a hard and fast rule.

Can I find play mats that are easily foldable or transportable for travel within Australia?

Yes, at The Memo, we have baby gyms and playmats that are easy to fold and relocate. Jnr.Life play mats, in particular, can be packed in their carrier tote for easy transportation.

What are some popular Australian brands that specialise in children's play mats?

Some popular Australian brands specialising in children’s play mats and floor gyms are Little Mud Co., Jnr. Life, Little Wiwa, PHILÉ, and Harlow and Co, all of which are stocked right here at The Memo.

How do I properly dispose of or recycle a play mat in Australia once it's no longer needed?

At The Memo, we encourage you to reduce the waste of baby items by upcycling your nursery equipment (such as baby play mats) to St Kilda Mums. They then pass them on to families who need them most. Read more about our partnership with St Kilda Mums.