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8 products

What is a baby walker?

First things first are you wondering what a baby walker actually is? Baby walkers are gorgeous toys designed to get your child standing up and moving before they’re able to walk independently. They offer the security of something to hold onto while your little one is still finding their feet. We’re sure we don’t need to tell you, but you should always keep a close eye on your child if they’re using one of these to make sure they don’t fall over or trip over any toys lying around on the floor.

Even after your baby has learnt how to walk, these toys make for a beautiful addition to your nursery for your child to play with. Children often love to mimic their parents, so your baby might enjoy walking their dolls in their baby walker prams just like you walk them in theirs!

When can my baby use a walker?

It’s recommended to introduce a push walker when your baby is starting to stand up. That’s different for every child, so it completely depends on them rather than being bound to a certain age. Generally, walkers are used anywhere between 6 months up until 3 years of age.

Best baby walker

At the memo we stock a curated edit of our favourite walkers for you to choose from. We don’t stock hundreds, because we want to make it easy for you to choose from the very best of the best. Our baby walker collection includes trolleys and doll prams from best-selling brands like Done by Deer and Moover. Each item is stylish and functional, giving you the best of both worlds for your baby’s nursery. Baby walkers make for fantastic baby shower gifts too. If you’re looking for more ideas, check out our blog post on baby shower gifts now.

Wooden baby walker

If you’re looking for a very cute wooden walker, try Moover’s one made from natural wood. Even the paint used in this toy is environmentally friendly and toxic free, scoring double points for us. The Moover walker is sturdy and dependable, making it ideal for toddlers just starting to develop their balance and coordination skills. This toy has soft rubber wheels which helps to ensure it will glide over all floor types easily and help your bub confidently navigate transitioning from crawling to walking.

Car baby walker

It’s not strictly a walker, but boy oh boy will your toddler love this dump truck ride from Moover. Ideal for play time, your child can hop right on their truck and scoot around the house using their feet to move and their body motion to steer. This little truck has double rubber tyres which are helpful for stability and grip and a little trailer that opens, allowing them to store any treasures away here! This truck is perfect for imaginative play time, allowing your child to build on their motor skills whilst having a blast.

Done by Deer Walker

Cute and practical, this gorgeous crocodile shaped baby walker is as chic as it is safe. There are brakes on the rear wheels and the front wheels act as protective bumpers to help ensure extra safe driving. With tyres made from soft rubber, you can rest assured little feet, ankles and furniture will be protected from any mishaps too! There is a removable tray in the front of the walker so they’re able to drive around their favourite cuddly toys and treasures.

Baby Girl Walker

All of our toys and walkers are unisex, but if your little girl is a fan of her dolls then we have something she’ll love. The Moover Dolls Pram makes for an adorable walking companion for baby girls and boys alike who want to push their toys around. It’s made from high quality birch veneer and comes in pretty pink or neutral white. As well as helping your baby develop their motor skills, it is fantastic for stimulating their imaginations during play time. They can put their cuddly toys and other treasures inside and push them around, mimicking you, which small children love to do.

If you’re looking for more baby gear perfect for play time, why not discover our range of activity mats and play gyms. These beautiful tools can help keep your little one stimulated for hours or give them a break from their walkers. We also have a curated edit of toys your little one is sure to love. They can pop them in their doll pram or walker and cart them around the house, inventing little fantasies as they go!

Baby walker - buy online

Once you’ve chosen the right baby walker for your little one, it’s super easy to buy online at the memo. Simply add to cart and proceed to the checkout where we offer the option to use AfterPay or zip if that’s more convenient for you. These flexible payment options allow you to shop and receive your product whilst you pay for them in fortnightly installments. If your bub can’t wait to get their hands on their new wheels, we’re pleased to offer a super speedy dispatch on orders placed before 12pm every day. What’s more is that every $1 you spend on buying your baby walker at the memo, means future benefits thanks to our rewards program. Earn rewards simply by shopping with us and unlock access to exclusive discounts, special gifts and new launches, plus get the inside scoop on everything you need to prepare for a happy homelife with your newborn. It’s a club designed to help you do baby, better, and reward you for making the memo your go-to place for parenting.

Still looking for reasons to buy your baby walker online at the memo? We offer free delivery on all orders over $99, plus we are also delighted to offer a 30 days free trial giving you even more confidence to shop online. We really want you to get the stuff you need, and none of the stuff you don’t!

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