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SNOO. It’s the safest baby cot on the market and is more of a night nurse than a bed, as it automatically calms crying and rocks your child to sleep. We’ve got a whole article on our blog about whether the SNOO is right for you to read for more info. If you’re looking to spend a little less and want the option to use until your child is at least five years old, then consider the Troll cot. Similarly, the Linea by Leander cot can be converted into a junior bed once your child is older. Looking for a nursery centrepiece? The Leander Cot is the ultimate in style, made from sustainable beech wood and can even be used until your child is seven years old.

We also offer a curated edit of the best travel cots and portable baby beds to keep your baby happy while you’re away from home and baby loungersfor resting around the house.

Prefer to stick to a bassinet for the first six months? Discover our curated collection of beautiful bassinets now.

Baby Cot Beds

Don’t forget to stock up on bedding for your child’s cot, including cot sheets, fitted cot sheets, mattresses and mattress protectors. Keep your baby extra comfy and at a safe sleeping temperature with our collection of TOG-rated sleepwear and sleep aids. Discover the entire sleep collection with all of our essentials now.

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A safe, cosy place for newborn babies to sleep. Discover the best baby bassinet for your new arrival at The Memo.

Choose between beautiful baby bassinets from SNOO. More of a night nurse than a baby bed, it’s the safest option available and automatically soothes your child by rocking when they start to cry. It’s estimated that the SNOO even adds an extra 1-2 hours of sleep for your baby (and you) as it settles them when they wake.

Create stylish interiors and a dreamy place for your newborn to sleep comfortably with our curated edit of best-in-class sleep essentials. Find the perfect baby cot or bassinet here!

Discover a baby cot or bassinet you and your child will love at The Memo. We have a tight edit of the best baby beds with cots, cribs and bassinets from best-selling brands like Charlie Crane, Baby Bjorn, Linea by Leander, Cocoonababy and more. Learn more about our collection and some handy tips for getting your baby to sleep soundly in a cot.

Baby cot vs portable baby cot from Baby Bjorn. It’s lightweight with a soft, sturdy mattress and made from breathable mesh. Our customers rave about this cot and note how easy it is to set up and pack down again on their travels. If you’re regularly travelling or need to drop off your baby at someone’s house, you can rest assured they’ll get a good night's sleep in this travel cot.

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Elicit sweet dreams and good sleep with a comfortable, stylish baby crib for your baby.

At The Memo, we stock a range of rounded Troll cots. We also stock a curated edit of Leander Cot. It’s a five-in-one magic baby cot that looks gorgeous and can be effortlessly reconfigured, growing with your child up until the age of 7+ if you buy the junior bed extension kit. For an ergonomic option, consider the Linea by Leander Cot. The base has two height settings for the baby, and the cot is converted to a junior bed by removing one of the sides for an older child. Later, it converts to a smart sofa by adding back cushions and a cover to the mattress, evolving with your baby and nursery needs.

Don’t forget to stock up on other sleep essentials while you’re here, including bedding, sleep aids, sleepwear and more nursery furniture.

Buy your baby crib with us at The Memo today and enjoy free returns for loyalty members (exclusions apply). We want you to love your purchase and confidently shop at The Memo! We also offer flexible payment methods like AfterPay, so you can choose to pay most conveniently for your purchase.

Wooden Baby Cot

We adore Leander’s wooden baby cot for its super cool modern design and great functionality. Attention, parents –this crib will last your child up to seven years! It has five different configuration styles, so you can adjust the bed as your child grows. It’s made from sustainable European beech wood and free from all nasties. We’ll take one!

The Charlie Crane Kumi Bassinet Crib is a stunning piece of nursery furniture that can easily be moved into your bedroom if you plan on having your baby sleep in the same room during the evening. It has a gentle rock that helps lull babies to sleep. The inner crib lining is breathable and easily machine washable for any accidents.

Baby Cot Mattress

Whilst our bassinets all come with mattresses, you’ll need to buy a separate mattress for your baby cot. We have a great range of durable, comfortable baby cot mattresses designed to fit perfectly inside your cots. Check out the Leander cot mattress, which is extra baby-proof with integrated wetness protection. The mattress has two sides- one for babies under 12kg and one for small children 12kg and above, easily taking you to four or five years of age.



How do I choose the right bassinet or cot size or style for my baby's nursery?

Select a bassinet or cot based on the size of your nursery, your aesthetic preferences and any specific features you value, such as portability or additional storage.

How can I tell if a bassinet or cot is suitable for a newborn or an older infant?

Check the product specifications for age and weight recommendations. Bassinets are generally suitable for newborns up to a few months old, while cots can often accommodate children from birth to toddler age.

Do any bassinets or cots have additional features like storage or rocking mechanisms?

Yes, some bassinets and cots include additional features such as built-in storage for essentials, rocking mechanisms to soothe babies and even canopies for light protection.

Are there convertible options that grow with my child?

Some convertible cots can transition from a newborn's cot to a toddler's bed, offering a long-term sleeping solution as your child grows.

Are there any bassinets or cots designed specifically for small spaces?

Yes, there are compact bassinets and cots designed for small spaces, prioritising a smaller footprint while still providing comfort and safety for your baby.

Can I find bassinets or cots with adjustable height settings?

Adjustable height settings are available in some cots and bassinets, allowing you to align the sleeping surface with your bed or to lower it as your child grows and becomes more mobile.