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17 products

Discover a baby cot or bassinet you and your child will love at the memo. We have a tight edit of the very best baby beds with cots, cribs and bassinets from best-selling brands like Charlie Crane, Baby Bjorn, Linea by Leander, Ouef, Cocoonababy and more. Read on to find out more about our collection, plus some handy tips for getting your bub to sleep soundly in a cot.

Baby Cot vs Bassinet

Wondering what’s the difference and which one is right for your baby? We’re here to help you know exactly what’s what so you can navigate your baby shopping like a pro and get all the things you really need (and none of the things you don’t!) First things first, both options are safe and suitable for newborns to sleep in. The main difference is the size of each as a baby cot is a lot bigger than a bassinet. Bassinets are generally quite compact and therefore a little easier to move around the house. Generally, a bassinet’s sides are lower and your baby sits up higher which can be a little more comfortable for you to pop your baby in to sleep. If you would like your baby to sleep in your bedroom for the first few months then a bassinet is a great choice.

Whilst a baby cot, also known as a crib, is bigger and generally a little more bulky, they have several advantages too. Thanks to their bigger size, cots can be used for a lot longer than bassinets potentially lasting for years! Conversely, bassinets often have weight limits, so are more suitable for newborns and small infants. Bassinets generally have a lower price point, so can be a good entry option, however, baby cots will last you longer making up for the investment.

How to get your baby to sleep in a cot?

Need some help getting your little one used to sleeping in their cot? We have a great article all about sleep, beautiful sleep on our blog with some great ideas for eliciting a great night sleep for the whole family. If your baby is protesting about sleeping in their cot, we have some tips that just might help you:

  • Adjust the room temperature: Make sure their bedroom is cool for a comfortable sleep.
  • Swaddle them: Swaddling is a tried & trusted method to get newborns (before they can roll over) to doze off with ease. You can discover our swaddles here.
  • White noise machine: They’re used to being inside a somewhat noisy womb! Replicate the noise with a calming white noise machine.
  • Turn the lights down: Keep their room dark and even use a blackout blind for during the day.
  • Regularly feed them: Make sure they’re not going to bed hungry. Newborns need to be fed every 2-3 hours.

Our range of baby cots

Whether you’re searching for a newborn baby cot, a baby portable cot or a wooden baby cot, we have something you’ll love. Discover more about our variety of options below.

Baby Bjorn Travel Cot

One of our bestselling baby beds is this portable travel cot from Baby Bjorn. It’s lightweight with a soft, sturdy mattress and made from breathable mesh. Our customers rave about this cot and note how easy it is to set up and pack down again on their travels. If you’re regularly on the go travelling, or need to drop off your bub at someone’s house you can rest assured they’ll get a good sleep in this travel cot.

Wooden baby cot

We adore Leander’s wooden baby cot for its super cool modern design combined with great functionality. Attention parents- this crib will last your child up to seven years! It’s got a whopping five different configuration styles so you can adjust the bed as your child grows. It’s made from sustainable European beech wood and free from all nasties. We’ll take one!

Newborn baby cot

For newborns, we really can’t go past the gorgeous Charlie Crane Kumi Bassinet Crib. It’s a stunning piece of nursery furniture that can easily be moved into your bedroom if you’re planning on having bub sleep in the same room during the evening. It has a gentle rock that helps lull babies to sleep. The inner crib lining is breathable and easily machine washable for any accidents.

Baby Cot Mattress

Whilst our bassinets all come with mattresses, you’ll need to buy a separate mattress for your baby cot. We have a great range of durable, comfortable baby mattresses designed to fit perfectly inside your cots here. A special mention goes to the Leander cot mattress which is extra baby proof with integrated wetness protection. The mattress has two sides- one for babies under 12kg and one for small children 12kg and above, easily taking you to four or five years of age.

Baby cot bedding sets

Now you’ve got your crib, bassinet and your mattress sorted, you’ll be after some soft & breathable baby cot sheets. We offer a range of bassinet sheets, cot sheets, mattress protectors and blankets here. 7pm Linen offers 100% pure linen cot sheets that are breathable, hypoallergenic and eco-friendly. Alternatively, Pop Ya Tot has 100% GOTS certified organic cotton sheets in a range of bright and fun colours. It’s a good idea to stock up on a few changes of cot sheets so you’ve easily got a spare set while washing one or if accidents happen.

Baby cot quilt

If you’re looking for a gorgeous soft blanket or quilt for your baby room we have something for you! Cam Cam Copenhagen makes 100% organic soft quilted blankets that are a fantastic addition to any nursery. In rose or blue shades, the quilt has reversible sides so you can choose between a plain corduroy or a more colourful print at any time. The blanket is also padded so it can easily double up as a baby play mat.

How to buy your baby cot

Fallen in love with one of our beautiful cots or bassinets? Great news! It’s really easy to navigate our online store so all you need to do is add your selected bed to your cart and remember to also pick up a mattress if not included. If you don’t already have a few sets of baby bedding sheets, it’s best to also add those to your order so you’re set and ready to go when your delivery arrives.

Some benefits of shopping for your baby cot at the memo include our flexible payment options with both AfterPay and zip offered so you can pay however works best for you! And while we’re speaking of money, let us tell you about our loyalty program. Earn rewards simply by shopping with us and unlock access to exclusive discounts, special gifts and new launches, plus get the inside scoop on everything you need to prepare for a happy homelife with your newborn. It’s a club designed to help you do baby, better, and reward you for making the memo your go-to place for parenting. So don’t hesitate to join to start earning the benefits!

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