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Buying baby clothes is an exciting yet sometimes challenging task, especially for new parents. With an overwhelming array of options available, the hunt for the perfect outfit can often feel like navigating a maze of sizes, colours, and fabrics. Fortunately, The Memo has you covered. We have a large collection of baby clothes that are equally functional and comfortable. Whether you're shopping for your baby boy or girl, or selecting a gift for someone else's special arrival, buying baby clothes with us is sure to be effortless.

Top picks for stylish and comfortable baby clothes in Australia

Navigating the first few months of parenthood involves a learning curve, especially when it comes to dressing your newborn for varying conditions. Understanding how to dress a newborn in winter is crucial for keeping your baby warm but not overheated, layering is key. Similarly, knowing how to dress a baby for bed ensures a safe and comfortable night's sleep, with sleep sacks and breathable fabrics often recommended. Conversely, mastering how to dress a newborn in summer is equally important, requiring lightweight and breathable materials to keep your baby cool and protected from the sun. Each season and setting presents its own set of challenges, but with the right guidance, you can be well-prepared to keep your baby comfortable year-round. Some of our suggestions are shared below.

Baby clothes for him

You’ll love the bodysuit from Nature Baby in a soft grey stripe. Available in sizes 0000-12 months old, this will be an essential piece in your baby boy’s wardrobe. Made from certified organic cotton, it’s soft and breathable against your child’s skin and is an ideal base for layering on more clothing depending on whether it’s warm or cool. Check out a similar suit from Nature Baby with short sleeves that’s also ideal for the summer season. If you want something a little warmer, opt for a PureBaby growsuit. We love this one in midnight blue for a beautiful, bright splash of colour. This little suit is made from an organic cotton elastane blend for a soft and gentle touch against your baby’s skin.

Baby clothes for her

Start with a growsuit from PureBaby that comes in a convenient duo pack, as you’ll likely need at least 5 of these! We love this soft organic cotton suit in a striped petal pink and its matching pure white version with pink polka dots. Need a little cardigan to go over the top of her outfit? Move over cardigan and say hello to these gorgeous kimono jackets from Nature Baby that will make you wish they made them in your size too! This lightweight jacket is made from organic cotton and will feel beautiful against your girl’s skin.

This adorable onesie swimsuit has long sleeves and is ultra comfortable as it’s made with stretchy fabric and inbuilt UVPF 50+ to protect her skin. Pair it with our cute collection of sun hats as the finishing touch to her outfit.

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If you’re buying baby clothing for your own child or as a gift, look no further than The Memo. We have over 100 adorable pieces to dress your child in from bestselling brands made from the best and most protective materials.

When you’ve found the perfect clothes, simply add to your cart and checkout online. To make your experience as good as can be, we have a range of benefits you can enjoy when you buy baby clothes at The Memo. All orders over $149* qualify for free delivery, otherwise our Victorian customers can enjoy our click & collect service if they’d like to skip any unwanted charges. Next, if you’re buying a gift but not 100% sure of your choice, we’re pleased to let you know we offer flexible 30-day return policy*. We really want you to be happy with your purchase for your baby.

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What sizes should I buy for a newborn in Australia?

When buying clothes for a newborn in Australia, you'll typically find sizes based on age and weight. It's common to see labels like "0000" for newborns, which generally fits babies up to 3 or 4 kilograms in weight and 55 cm in length.

Here's a general guide to Australian baby clothes sizing:

  • 00000: Premature or small babies
  • 0000: Newborn
  • 000: 0-3 months
  • 00: 3-6 months
  • 0: 6-12 months

Are there any Australian regulations or standards I should be aware of when purchasing baby clothes?

In Australia, you should be aware of specific safety standards and regulations when purchasing baby clothes. These are largely designed to ensure the safety and well-being of infants. However, these standards are not as extensive as those for other baby products like car seats or cribs. Here are some general guidelines:

Mandatory Standards

  • Flammability: Certain children's nightwear must meet the Australian/New Zealand Standard for Children's Nightwear and Limited Daywear having Reduced Fire Hazard (AS/NZS 1249).
  • Care labels: Like all clothing sold in Australia, baby clothes must have care labelling in accordance with the Care Labelling Standard under the Australian Consumer Law. These labels provide crucial information about the safe care of the garment.

Best Practices

  • Chemical safety: Although not strictly regulated, it's advisable to look for clothes that are free from harmful chemicals and dyes, especially if your baby has sensitive skin. Organic certifications can be a good indicator here.
  • Choking hazards: Watch out for small buttons, snaps, or bows that could become detached and pose a choking hazard. This isn't regulated per se, but it's a safety concern many parents share.
  • Snag hazards: Items like drawstrings and ribbons can pose a snag hazard and are generally best avoided in children’s clothing, especially for babies.
  • Fit: Although not regulated, properly fitting clothing is safer and more comfortable for your baby.

How can I know if the baby clothes are made from safe and hypoallergenic materials?

Ensuring that baby clothes are made from safe and hypoallergenic materials is crucial, especially for infants with sensitive skin or allergies.

One of the steps you can take is to always read the labels. These provide invaluable information on the materials used and their care requirements. Natural fibres such as cotton, organic cotton, bamboo, and silk are often better choices for sensitive skin, as they are generally less likely to cause irritation.

When choosing baby clothes, consider avoiding additional elements like buttons, bows, or sequins that could irritate the skin or pose a choking hazard. Lighter-coloured fabrics, which typically contain fewer dyes, are often safer for babies with sensitive skin. Moreover, breathable materials such as cotton can help prevent irritation and overheating, which are common concerns for sensitive skin.

How do I choose the right fabric for the Australian climate, especially for summer or winter?

Generally, the most appropriate fabrics for Australian summers include cotton, bamboo, muslin, and linen. Avoid synthetic fabrics like polyester. The most appropriate fabrics for Australian winters include wool, cotton knits, fleece, and flannel. Avoid heavy fabrics that may lead to overheating.

What are some popular Australian brands that specialise in baby clothes?

Some of the most popular Australian brands specialising in baby clothes stocked at The Memo include Little Mud Co., Boody, PureBaby, By Billie, Bubba Bump, and Love To Dream. For a complete list of brands we stock, please visit our Brands page.

How many clothing layers does a newborn baby need?

A general guideline often cited is "one more layer than an adult would wear to be comfortable in the same environment."

What clothing should I take to the hospital for my baby?

Packing for the hospital stay when expecting a newborn can be exciting and nerve-wracking. While hospitals usually provide basic necessities for newborns, many parents prefer to bring their own baby clothes for comfort and style. Here is a general list of clothing items you might consider taking to the hospital for your baby:

  • Onesies/Bodysuits: 3-5 onesies that are easy to put on and take off. Choose ones that snap or zip from the front or down the side.
  • Sleepsuits/Footies: 2-3 sleepsuits that cover the baby from head to toe, often with built-in footies and sometimes even mittens.
  • Hat: 1-2 soft newborn hats to keep the baby’s head warm, especially important just after birth.
  • Socks or Booties: A few pairs if the chosen outfit doesn't have footies.
  • Mittens: To prevent the baby from scratching themselves with their nails.
  • Swaddle blankets or wraps: 1-2, although the hospital often provides these. Swaddle blankets can also often act as a makeshift changing pad, burp cloth, or nursing cover.
  • Washcloths: 1 or 2 washcloths or towels will help keep your baby dry after their first bath.

What should I dress my baby in to go home from the hospital?

Bringing your newborn home from the hospital is a momentous occasion; naturally, you'll want your baby to be comfortable and appropriately dressed for the journey. Here are some guidelines for what to consider when selecting an outfit for your newborn to wear at home:

  • Choose clothing that is easy to put off and take off. Snaps or zippers are often more convenient than buttons.
  • Select soft, breathable fabrics like cotton, especially if your baby has sensitive skin.
  • In summer, a short-sleeved onesie and a lightweight blanket will suffice. In winter, dress your baby in layers.