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Will they run a mile in them? Probably not. But you can count on baby shoes to keep tiny feet warm and cosy and look cute while doing it. Explore our collection today!

Infant Shoes Australia

Looking for little shoes for your little people? At The Memo, we’ve got you covered with a tight edit of our favourite sandals, booties, and rain boots for babies. Choose from bestselling brands, including sandals (also suitable for girls) from Pretty Brave. They feature adjustable velcro on the forefoot, ensuring the perfect fit for little feet. If you’re in need of winter footwear, find something soft and comfortable that will ensure your baby’s feet and kept nice and warm when out and about.

Baby’s First Walking Shoes

Pretty Brave makes gorgeous first walking shoes for children. The brand works alongside podiatrists to ensure each of their designs suits the growing foot, meaning the shoes look amazing and perform.

Soft Sole Infant Shoes

Our collection of baby booties makes for a great option if you’re after shoes with a soft sole. Look at the options from Quincy Mae - they are gorgeous, and we love that they’re made from 100% organic cotton. They're not made for walking but will keep your baby’s feet warm and complete their outfit with style.

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What’s a beautiful baby shoe without an outfit to match? Explore our curated collection of baby clothes and accessories at The Memo today. We’ve chosen products made from quality materials that will keep your baby comfortable and looking stylish. Shop swaddles, baby leggings, jumpers, jackets and other accessories, such as baby backpacks, at our online store. Take advantage of AfterPay and click-and-collect options when you order.

What are the key features to look for when buying baby shoes?

When hunting for baby shoes, focus on flexibility, a non-slip sole, breathable material, and an easy-on, easy-off design. Remember, it's not just about style; think comfort and functionality for those little feet.

How do I correctly measure my baby's feet for infant shoes?

Place your baby’s foot on a piece of paper, and mark the tip of the toe and the heel's back. Measure the distance, and always allow a bit extra for growth and wiggle room. Many brands also provide size charts to guide you. And when in doubt? Seek advice from the pros - contact the team at The Memo for more advice on the different baby shoes we offer.

What's the difference between soft-soled and hard-soled baby shoes?

Soft-soled shoes are flexible and perfect for infants who are pre-walkers or just starting to walk, allowing them to feel the ground. Hard-soled shoes? They're typically for more confident walkers, providing extra protection and support.

How often should I replace my baby's shoes?

Babies grow at lightning speed, so expect frequent changes in their shoes. Keep an eye out for signs of wear and tightness. If the shoes become difficult to put on, that is another sign that it might be time for a new pair.

Are there specific infant shoes recommended for babies who are just learning to walk?

For those first steps, consider shoes with soft soles and good ankle support. They should mimic barefoot walking, allowing those little toes to grip and feel the surface.

What materials are commonly used in the construction of baby shoes?

Quality baby shoes often use breathable materials like soft leather, canvas, or cotton. It's all about keeping those tiny feet comfy and cool.

How do I properly clean and care for baby shoes?

Depending on the material, most baby shoes can be gently cleaned with a damp cloth. Some canvas shoes are machine-washable but always check the care label. And remember, air dry; no heaters or direct sunlight.

Can I buy baby shoes online? How do I ensure the right fit?

Absolutely. Any shoes in our collection include a handy sizing chart you can look at online. Use the brand's sizing guide to measure your baby's foot. Always consider a little growth space. We also offer easy exchanges if the fit isn't spot on.

Are there special types of infant shoes for different seasons?

For warmer months, breathable sandals or open-toed shoes are great. When it's cooler? Opt for closed shoes or booties that offer warmth and protection.

What are some safety features to consider in baby shoes?

Look for non-slip soles, secure fastenings, and materials that won't easily trip up those little feet. Safety is paramount, especially when they're on the move.

How many pairs of infant shoes should I buy for my baby?

Starting with a pair for indoors and another for outdoors is wise. As they grow and start exploring more terrains, you might want to expand the collection. But remember, quality over quantity.

What are the signs that my baby needs a new pair of shoes?

Beyond visible wear and tear, if your baby seems uncomfortable, tugs at their shoes, or if the shoes feel snug, it's probably time for a new pair.

How can I make my baby more comfortable in their new shoes?

Go for shoes with padded insoles and soft linings. Initially, let them wear the shoes for short periods at home, allowing them to adjust to the new feel.