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Explore comforting bunny rugs, swaddle wraps and muslin swaddles to keep your newborn cosy. Shop our full range of baby swaddles and baby wraps at The Memo.

Swaddling is where it's at when it comes to keeping baby snug and tight. It's a tried and tested, age-old practice that wraps a baby in muslin cloths or blankets to keep their natural startle reflex in check and allow them to sleep better.

At The Memo, you can choose from traditional muslin cloths to swaddle your baby, like the Wilson and Frenchy swaddle cloth, or more modern zip-up swaddles if you're finding it a little tricky. Love to Dream's Swaddle Up is a serious lifesaver if you can't handle the complicated wrapping. With one zip, your baby will feel cosy and warm, and able to drift off into sleep. Love To Dream is your ‘hands up’ option. If your baby turns out to be a ‘hands down’ sleeper, head over to the options from Ergo Pouch. Once you’ve got that sorted, choose a tog. Togs are related to the weight of the material, which you’ll choose based on room temperature.

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Baby swaddle wraps

At The Memo, we stock a curated edit of gorgeous swaddles for babies. Swaddling is seriously where it's at for newborns and getting them settled and off to the land of sweet dreams. There are so many benefits to using a swaddle wrap for a newborn, including helping to protect against their natural startle reflex, imitating the cocooned feeling in the womb and eliminating anxiety, preventing scratches, and better sleep for everyone.

A baby wrap swaddle is a great gift for a new parent. Choose from gorgeous swaddles from Kiin, Wilson and Frenchy, Pop Ya Tot, Pure Baby and more. If you're looking for organic baby swaddles in Australia, you will adore those from Pop Ya Tot. Made from 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton, they are lightweight and breathable but will also keep baby cocooned and cosy.

The best baby wraps from The Memo

Looking for the best baby wraps in Australia? You're in the right place! At The Memo, our collection has been curated to provide you with a selection of top-quality baby swaddles from some of the biggest baby brands. Nature Baby makes soft and cosy baby swaddle wraps, which have multiple functions. The 100% organic cotton is light and breathable and comes with some stretch and grip. It doubles as a baby wrap blanket to fold and tuck your baby into sleep time or as an extra layer in your baby’s bed or pram or for tummy time.

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Explore the best baby swaddles in Australia.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are baby swaddles and wraps?

Baby swaddles and wraps are blankets designed to wrap around your baby, mimicking the cosy embrace of the womb. Swaddles provide a secure hold that can soothe and comfort infants, promoting better sleep. At The Memo, our curated collection of swaddle wraps marries style with practicality. You’ll find baby wraps in a variety of patterns and fabrics.

What materials are the baby swaddles made from?

Our collection of baby wrap swaddles are crafted from the softest, breathable materials, such as organic cotton and bamboo blends. We also have a range of muslin baby wraps, which always prove very popular in the warmer months. These fabrics ensure comfort, stretch, and durability, providing extra security for your sleeping baby.

How do I select the appropriate size swaddle for my baby?

Size matters when it comes to swaddling. For a newborn, opt for smaller swaddles that offer a snug fit without excess material. As your baby grows, larger wrap swaddles will accommodate their changing size while maintaining that cosy, secure feeling. Check the product specifications online to determine the size of the baby wrap swaddles you are interested in.

Are these swaddles suitable for newborns?

Absolutely! Our swaddle wraps are designed with newborns in mind, offering a comforting, gentle touch that supports sleep and relaxation from day one.

How can I correctly wrap my baby using these swaddles?

There are a couple of different wrapping methods you can use with a baby swaddle. To wrap your baby correctly, lay the swaddle in a diamond shape, fold the top corner down, and place your baby in the centre with its shoulders just below the fold. Wrap one side over and tuck it beneath your baby, then fold the bottom corner up, and finally wrap the other side around your baby, securing it snugly. Remember, at The Memo, we also stock a range of zip-up swaddles if you’re looking for another way to swaddle your newborn. If you’re looking for a visual guide, check out our blog on how to swaddle a newborn baby.

Can the swaddles and wraps be machine-washed?

Yes, our baby swaddles - whether wraps or zip-up models – are machine washable for ease and convenience. Follow the care instructions to keep the fabric soft and stretchy.

How does the swaddle design help in soothing a fussy baby?

The snug design of our swaddles mimics the secure and cosy feeling of the womb, which can help to calm and soothe your baby, promoting relaxation and a sense of safety.

How do swaddles help in maintaining a baby's sleep cycle?

Swaddles assist in maintaining a baby's sleep cycle by reducing the startle reflex, which can wake them. This secure wrapping can help babies sleep more soundly and for longer periods. It can also stop your baby from scratching themselves in their sleep.

Is there a difference between a swaddle and a wrap?

Yes, there is a subtle difference. A swaddle is typically used to provide a snug fit that restricts a baby's movements, while a wrap is a bit more versatile, often used for swaddling or as a lightweight blanket or cover as needed.

Do the swaddles come with any safety recommendations?

Always place your baby on their back to sleep and ensure the swaddle is snug but not too tight. The baby's hips should have room to move, and the fabric should not cover the face. Regularly inspect swaddles for wear and tear, and discontinue use when your baby shows signs of rolling over.