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A swaddle sleep bag is the simplest and safest way to swaddle your baby. It helps to contain startle reflex while keeping your baby snug and securely swaddled throughout the year without the need for complicated wrapping. With unique patented wings to allow a natural arms up position while safely bringing your baby’s hands to their mouth, the Love To Dream Sleep Swaddle will swaddle your baby in seconds while allowing true self soothing as they settle into sleep.

Choose from TOGS 0.2 or 1 or 2.5.

Choose from Sizes newborn or small or medium.

Choose from Colours Grey or Blue or Pink or Organic White.

Okay, here’s the deal. Swaddling your baby for the first few months is where it’s at. The Love To Dream Sleep Suit is the ideal solution to help your baby feel cosy and warm, minimising their startle reflex and calming them into sleep. Love To Dream is your ‘hands up’ option. If your baby turns out to be a ‘hands down’ sleeper, head over to the options from Ergo Pouch. Once you’ve got that sorted, choose a tog. Togs are related to the weight of the material, which you’ll choose based on room temperature with eg. Tog 0.2 for a warmer room, Tog 1 being standard and Tog 2.5 being heavier, for a cooler room. If you go lighter in Tog choice, you can always add warmth with extra layers of clothing or tuck them in with a tight sheet.  

Sleep bags are a good option vs muslin swaddling because while some people are amazing at it and the midwives make it look SO easy in hospital, most parents struggle at wrapping their baby in muslin, and a lot of babies always seem to escape from it. Love To Dream designs are foolproof - one zip.  It’s a very clever design with two way zips for easy access to change a nappy in the middle of the night, button clasps at the arms for when it's time to transition your baby's arms out (when they show signs of starting to roll).  The design allows the swaddle to be firm and tight, but also allows for your baby to have movement with their arms (it's not a straight jacket), but not so much movement to have their startle reflex wake them.

Daily use: absolutely, bring on the sleep!
Life cycle: choose from three sizes:
newborn 2.2kg - 3.5kg
small 3.5kg - 6.0kg
medium 6.0kg - 8.5kg
Functionality: certified ‘hip-healthy’ design allows the recommended flexion for hips & legs. Twin zipper for easy nappy changes and no loose layers to kick off during sleep.  Easy care: machine washable & tumble dryer friendly.
Eco-aware: 93% Cotton, 7% Elastane.
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