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How to Swaddle a Newborn Baby - Video

Swaddling in those early days with your newborn is used to imitate the calming sensations of the womb so your baby is wrapped up tight feeling safe, warm and cosy. We love a a muslin or cotton blanket with a tiny bit of stretch. Here we are using the Cotton Swaddle by Kinn.

This is the most popular type of swaddling with the hands in a down facing position.

Start by getting out your blanket and fold the swaddle into a triangle by folding back one corner.

Place your baby in the centre with the shoulders just below the folded corner.

Place your baby’s arm down and cross the swaddle over their body on an angel tucking it neatly under their body.

Now repeat on the other side.

Fold the bottom of the swaddle over the baby’s feet, tucking the excess fabric under their body.

This is a step lots of parents miss but it is how you get the perfect burrito.

Remember most babies are escape artists so you can go tight as their movement will loosen the surprisingly fast.

For more information please read our best baby swaddles blog.

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