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How to Bathe Your Baby - Video

Create a calming and beautiful bath routine for you and your baby.

Simply fill the bath with warm water, add your favourite bubbles, then pop your baby in.

The shape and design of the bath with an inbuilt ‘bum bump’ helps support your baby in an upright position, and the inbuilt foam backrest adds comfort.

Use a gentle washer to clean their body, focusing on the hands, feet, skin folds, underarms, back of neck, and behind the ears.

The ideal temperature for a baby’s bath is between 37 and 38 degrees. The light will flash green if the water is too cold, or red if the water is too hot. And it will recheck every ten seconds to make sure the temperature stays safe. The thermometer will shut off after 30 minutes.

For more information please read our baby bathing blog.

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