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How to Choose a Baby Bottle - Video

Ready to choose a Baby Bottle but don't know where to start? Georgia and Pip from our customer service team explain the benefits and differences of our two most popular bottles, the Comotomo Silicone Bottle and the Bibs Glass Bottle.

Comotomo Bottles are made of silicone which is one of the best and safest materials for bottles. They are free of BPA and PVC, and are also extremely durable and heat resistant so they aren’t going to have any issue being sterilized in boiling water or put in the dishwasher or microwave. The other key feature of Comotomo Bottles is that they are designed to mimic breastfeeding as much as possible. The teat has a super wide mound, naturally-shaped nipple and is soft and squishy. So this is a bottle really suited for mixed-fed babies or if you’re wanting to start some bottle feeding with a breastfed baby, it can also be helpful for babies with colic as it’s designed with vents, which eliminate leaks or air disrupting the milk flow.

Bibs Glass Bottles are made from first-class borosilicate glass, making it temperature resistant, thermal shock resistant and shatter resistant. These glass bottles withstand freezing, thawing in boiling water, microwave heating, and dishwasher cleaning. Why would you choose a glass bottle? Firstly, they are a lot more sustainable, and a lot easier to recycle. Glass also doesn’t absorb odours, flavours or stains the way plastic can, and will withstand a lot more use/washing/steralising etc. than plastic. We particularly reocmmmend them for anyone exclusively bottle-feeding, with a high bottle rotation. They are also great for toddlers still having a milk bottle before bed.

For more information please read our baby bottle blog.

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