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21 products

Put your baby to bed as safely and snugly as possible with our collection of baby sleeping bags. Explore our curated edit of sleep suits from best-selling brands including Love to Dream, ErgoPouch and Woolbabe. If you're specifically shopping for winter sleeping bags, we also have a curated range to keep your little one at the perfect temperature. 

Looking for a newborn sleeping bag? Choose from the Stage 1 Swaddle Up from Love to Dream, ErgoPouch Cocoon Swaddle Bag, or Woolbabe’s Sleeping Bags. We love dressing our babies in these bags as they are a super easy, convenient and safe way to swaddle without the hassle of complicated wrapping. A newborn baby sleeping bag helps to settle startle reflux and also offer the ability for baby to move their arms around a little. 

If you’re searching for a TOG sleeping bag, you can’t go past Love to Dream for arms up sleepers or ErgoPouch for arms down babes. Both brands use TOG rated materials so you can use the right weight of material depending on the warmth of your child’s bedroom. Keeping your baby at a safe sleeping temperature is something many parents worry about, so these TOG rated bags totally take out the guesswork and allow for peace of mind. Confused by TOG? Take a read of our article to find out more about TOG ratings.

Need another reason to love the infant sleeping bag from ErgoPouch? Their bags are made from GOTS-certified organic cotton making it the best material to have against soft, sensitive baby skin. It’s an ultra breathable fabric and will easily prevent clammy, sweaty feels. 

Discover more sleep essentials including bedding, furniture, and sleep aids. Find the best baby sleeping bags in Australia at the memo. When you shop with us you can enjoy free delivery Australia-wide on all orders over $99, plus a free 30 day trial guarantee.