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About Love to Dream

Love to Dream is for all parents searching for an end to sleepless nights. The brand was created by mother & fashion designer Hana-Lia Krawchuk after she gave birth to her son Elijah in 2008. Hana & her husband had difficulty getting their newborn son to sleep for more than 18 months despite trying numerous products designed to help. Finally, Hana decided to do her own research after noticing that her son seemed to sleep better when his arms were up rather than wrapped against his body. This led to her discovery that many medical science reports suggested that babies really could sleep better when they had access to their hands to soothe themselves. After countless sleepless nights, this super mum took matters into her own hands and using her fashion design skills she created the Swaddle Up.

Swaddle Up was an instant success and sold out within just 2 weeks of launching. Since then, this mighty brand has become a real Australian success story helping so many bubs have the best sleep possible and relieving tired mums and dads. All of the Love to Dream pieces are made with a TOG rating to ensure you are safely dressing your child at the right temperature for sleep. Love to Dream provides the highest quality sleep solutions for your baby up until the toddler years and will be a welcome addition to your family.


This baby sleepwear brand is centered around the concept of swaddling a newborn. This is because medical research suggests that swaddling helps newborns to sleep better. Swaddling a baby may calm their 'startle reflex' which wakes them up & disturbs their sleep. Love to Dream turns the traditional idea of swaddling slightly on its head by advocating for an arms up swaddle, rather than placing the baby’s arms at their sides. Keep reading to find out more. You can also browse more swaddle products here.

Love to Dream What to Wear

Need some help working out which piece is best for your newborn or small child? Love to Dream has created a 3 stage sleep system that covers the ages from newborn to toddler to help parents put their babies to sleep safely.

Love to Dream Swaddle

Stage 1 is known as the Swaddling Stage. This is for newborn babies up until they show signs of trying to roll over. At this stage, it's recommended to use the SWADDLE UP™.

We love the Love to Dream swaddle bag as a foolproof way to tuck your baby in tight without complicated wrapping. Even better is the signature arms up design of this swaddle with patented wings that allow your bub to sleep in their natural arms up position, instead of having their arms tucked beside themselves as in a traditional swaddle. The result? Your baby can easily touch themselves and suck on their fingers to self-soothe and sleep better. The swaddle is certified and approved by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute so perfectly safe for their hips and legs.

Love to Dream Transition Sleeping Bag

Stage 2 is called the Transitional Stage. This is for babies who have just started to roll over and are transitioning from swaddling to arms-free sleep. It’s recommended to use the SWADDLE UP™ TRANSITION BAG or SUIT at this time.

This baby sleeping bag is perfect for transitioning your bub to arms-free sleeping. Once your newborn is able to roll over independently, it is no longer safe to keep swaddling them. To transition your child to arms-free sleeping, it can take a few days or a few weeks depending on each child, but the Love to Dream Transition Sleeping Bag makes it easy! Any change of routine can cause a little anxiety for both baby and parents, so this cosy sleep bag has been designed to minimise disruption and help transition your baby to get their arms out and about, one at a time. Try arms in arms up swaddle, one arm in and one arm out, both arms out or both arms out with arm layers for a few nights or during daytime sleep as they start to transition.

    Love to Dream Sleep Suit

    Stage 3 is the final stage or the Independent Sleep Stage. Your baby will enter this from 6 months of age once they are sleeping independently. During this time, you can dress your bub in a stage 3 sleep suit. These smart sleep suits are the perfect clothing to dress your baby in once they’re sleeping with their arms-free to stay warm all night long. With their arms able to move about, they can often throw off their blankets and become cold during the night, waking them from their sleep. Dressing them in a Love to Dream sleep suit averts that as they’re essentially wearing a versatile blanket with legs. It completely eliminates the need for loose blankets in your baby’s cot, ensuring a longer and more comfortable sleep.

    Love to Dream Temperature Guide

    With Love to Dream you can help to ensure that you’re dressing your baby safely for sleep. The brand’s sleepwear is designed to eliminate the need for multiple layers of wrapping as well as blankets. It’s especially important to ensure your child does not overheat during the night as this has been linked to SIDS. Love to Dream clothing is created following TOG or 'Thermal Overall Grade', which is a unit of measurement used to calculate the thermal insulation of a product. The brand’s sleepwear is each given a TOG rating according to the level of warmth they provide to help guide you to choose the right product for your child. Basically, the higher the TOG, the warmer the product.

    Colder rooms (14°C -16°C) require warmer clothing, so choose the 3.5 TOG rated suits. Mild rooms (16°C-20°C) require warm clothing, so opt for 2.5 TOG rated suits and bags. Warm rooms (20°C-24°C) require lighter clothing, so you should choose the 1.0TOG level clothing. And hotter rooms between 24-27°C require the lightest layer of clothing, so opt for 0.2TOG level.

    Love to Dream AfterPay

    Looking for love to dream stockists? There’s no better place to get your baby swaddle or baby sleeping bags than at the memo. We offer a range of convenient payment options including AfterPay and PayPal to give you the ultimate choice and flexibility when you’re shopping. With Love to Dream AfterPay, you can easily get what you need now and split the cost over more manageable fortnightly payment installments. They’re completely interest-free too! To use AfterPay, you’ll pay your first installment when you checkout and then finish paying for your products every fortnight. Make sure you pay on time to avoid any fees and away you go!

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