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A baby weaning essential, find your child’s very own baby suction plate to start discovering the world of solids.

Weaning is an undeniably messy time. Whether you’re going for the traditional baby feeding option or baby-led weaning, there’s likely going to be a bit of mess involved. That’s where a suction plate comes in. It grips securely to a flat surface (your baby’s highchair tray for example) and allows the plate to stay secure even if your little one gets excited and wants to play with their food. Food stays where it’s meant to, meaning less clean-up for you and more food to eat for your little one!

At the memo, we stock a range of baby suction plates and bowls from OlaBaby, Done by Deer, and Mushie. The cute range of dinnerware is ideal for independent feeding and all made from BPA-free, food grade silicone. We love that the plates are all divided too, which allows you to add interest and texture to your baby’s meals.

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