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Welcome to our extensive collection of Baby Bottles & Teats, designed to make feeding time a breeze for both baby and mum. Here at The Memo, we understand the importance of providing high-quality products that cater to the needs of both baby and parent. Our collection features a wide range of bottles and teats that are safe, convenient, and easy to use.

Why Choose Baby Bottles & Teats from The Memo?

Our Baby Bottles & Teats collection is carefully curated to provide you with the best products for your baby. From anti-colic bottles to silicone teats, we have everything you need to ensure a comfortable and smooth feeding experience. Here are some reasons why our collection stands out:

1. Safe and Reliable Materials: Our bottles and teats are made from high-quality, BPA-free materials that are safe for your baby to use. You can rest assured that our products are designed to meet the highest safety standards.

2. Anti-Colic Design: Many of our bottles feature anti-colic technology, which helps reduce the risk of your baby swallowing air during feeding. This can prevent discomfort and reduce the symptoms of colic in babies.

3. Easy to Clean: Our bottles and teats are designed for easy cleaning, making them a convenient choice for busy mums. Simply wash them with warm, soapy water or use a steriliser to keep them germ-free.

4. Customisable Flow: Our range of teats includes different flow options, allowing you to choose the one that suits your baby's feeding needs. Whether your baby prefers a slow flow or a fast flow, we have you covered.

5. Compatibility: Our bottles and teats are designed to be compatible with each other, making it easy to mix and match to create the perfect feeding setup for your baby. You can trust that our products will work seamlessly together.

Our Baby Bottles & Teats collection is designed to provide you with the best feeding solutions for your baby. With a focus on safety, convenience, and quality, our products are a smart choice for mums who want the best for their baby. Choose The Memo for a seamless feeding experience that both you and your baby will love.


How many bottles and teats should I have on hand?

It's a good idea to have at least three to four bottles and teats on hand to ensure that you always have clean ones ready for feeding time. This way, you can rotate between them and avoid having to wash them after every use.

When should I replace the teats on my baby's bottles?

It's recommended to replace the teats on your baby's bottles every 2-3 months, or sooner if you notice any signs of wear and tear. This will ensure that the teats remain in good condition and continue to provide a consistent flow for your baby.

Are all bottles and teats dishwasher safe?

While many bottles and teats are dishwasher safe, it's important to check the manufacturer's instructions for specific care guidelines. Some products may require hand washing to prolong their lifespan.