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The Top 10 Baby Gift Registry Gifts

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What parents-to-be put on their lists more than anything else. 

Expecting? One of the more fun things you'll be doing in the coming months is collating your list of most wanted baby gifts! Whilst you might not want a lot of presents, most of the time your loved ones will want to get you something - even if just for the gesture. A great way to make sure you get what you actually need (avoiding waste at the same time), is to create a baby Gift Registry. Read on for our top 10 items that featured on our customer's registries last year for some fun ideas.

Why make a baby Gift Registry?

Think of a baby Gift Registry as your concierge to giving and getting a good gift. It’s a simple and effortless service designed to minimise waste and maximise ease. It means there'll be no double ups of gifts, no confusion between the person gifting and the one receiving and both the recipient and the giver will feel great.

How to make a baby registry in Australia?

It's super easy to create, use and manage a Gift Registry on The Memo. Parents to-be can browse our curated edit of the best in the baby biz by creating an account and adding items to their list. Friends and family can quickly locate your registry by searching for your name on our site. Shopping is easy too with free delivery and no minimum spend required when someone shops off your gift registry. Probably the biggest bonus for new parents though is our 30 Day Trial, which guarantees free and easy returns for 30 days after you've given birth (and not the day your item was purchased).

10 Best Baby Registry Gifts

Looking for some inspo to create a registry for your baby shower? Here's the top 10 items our parents-to-be put on their lists in the last year!

10. Baby Nail Care Set

Sometimes it's the little thing that make the biggest difference. You probably haven't even considered trimming your newborn's nails, but believe us, you're going to want to do it sooner than you think! Make sure you're prepared with the Haakaa Baby Nail Trimmer. This little gadget makes an often difficult process easier, providing safe nail filing for soft and developing nails. The baby nail trimmer pads make your baby's nails smooth and don't leave sharp edges that may scratch their delicate skin.

Features of Baby Nail Set:

  • Includes 5 nail pads that correspond to baby's age
  • Suitable for newborns to toddlers
  • Quiet motor
  • LED light for nighttime filing

9. Baby Grooming Brush & Comb Trio Set

Another one for your baby grooming needs, this beautifully presented set will last you many years as your baby grows. This keepsake set includes a Goats Hair Brush, which is super gentle and perfect for aiding with cradle cap, stimulating the natural oils in your baby’s scalp. As your baby grows you can use the Massage Brush for thicker hair and also to detangle. Finally, the Soft Tip Comb has no sharp edges and can help style hair as it lengthens and curls.

Features of Brush & Comb Set:

  • Includes two brushes and one comb
  • Suitable for newborns to five years old
  • Made with eco friendly beechwood

8. Matty Change Mat

Our absolute #1 change mat and with good reason. This portable changing mat from Leander lets you create a changing station where it suits you best. You can put Matty on a flat surface like the top of a dresser, a table or the laundry bench and the non-slip base will keep it safely in place. The mat is also 100% waterproof (aka total lifesaver) so no spillages will leak into it.

Features of Matty Change Mat:

  • Made from PUR (polyurethane foam)
  • 100% waterproof
  • Easy to clean
  • Soft touch
  • Non-slip base

7. Angelcare Bath Support

The most helpful product out there when it comes to bath time (as long as you've got a regular sized bath already!) The Angelcare Baby Bath Seat Support keeps your baby settled and secure during bath time. The unique design combines safe, sturdy sides and an angled area made from special soft material, so your baby can stay put.

Features of Bath Support:

  • Suitable for newborns - 6 months old
  • Soft ergonomic design
  • Built-in hook for storage
  • Quick-dry, hygienic and mildew-resistant material

6. Bunnie Caddie

Organisation is the name of the game when it comes to babies and nappy changes. The best way to do it is with the Bunnie Caddie - it keeps all the stuff in its right place. Made from premium felt fabric and boasting a sturdy base, this nappy caddy has nine functional pockets and four removable dividers that can be used to support and organise all your changing essentials, think nappies, wipes, creams, muslin cloths and some things to keep your baby distracted and entertained during changing time.

Features of Bunnie Caddie:

  • 9 functional pockets and 4 removable dividers
  • Leather trim
  • Metal hardware
  • Two-tone body strap, plus a larger leather pocket with magnetic closure

5. Maternity Care Ice/Heat Set

Often new mums forget to think of the things they'll need post-birth. One of the best to gift is an ice and heat set that they can take with them in their hospital bag. Carefully designed to help soothe your body during pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding, this maternity pack comes with two comfy breast pads and a dependable perineum strip plus disposable sleeves, to provide cooling or warming relief in all your sensitive areas.

Features of Maternity Care Set:

  • Includes 2 breast pads and a perineum strip
  • Provides cooling/heating relief
  • Can also be used as ice packs for kids
  • Soothes discomfort/pain

4. Pram Pegs

Small but mighty, enter pram pegs! Forever filed under things you didn't know you needed until you do. Multi-purpose and hard working, these pegs allow you to attach items to your pram or car seat. Think soft toys, muslin wraps and blankets.

Features of Pram Pegs:

  • Attach to your pram or car seat
  • Set of 4

3. Snotty Boss Nasal Aspirator

Absolutely ingenious, this is the ultimate thing you didn't know you needed until you do! Especially once you learn that babies can't actually blow their noses. We suppose it makes sense, but then again, we never stopped to consider it. It has battery powered suction that you use to remove snot from your baby’s nose gently and safely in ten seconds to help them breathe, feed and sleep better. It’s a natural and easy solution for the treatment of colds, flu, sinus, allergies, teething and virus related congestion and runny nose.

Features of Snotty Boss:

  • Includes quiet motorised snot sucker, soft silicone nozzles and scientifically tested suction.
  • Endorsed by lactation consultants, first aid trainers and sleep consultants.

2. The Very Hungry Caterpillar

It's an oldy but a goodie. We're sure you remember reading this book yourself as a child, and it's a forever favourite even for kids today. Reading your little one this book from a young age will help to stimulate their imaginations and allow for some easy bonding time with bub.

Features of The Very Hungry Caterpillar:

  • Illustrated children's picture book

1. Levo Baby Rocker

Last but certainly not least, we highly rate adding a rocker to your list! It's total fun for bub and it means hands-free time for you (hooray!) The Levo Rocker in particular is much loved thanks to being totally aesthetically pleasing as well as functional. No need for batteries, this natural rocker can help your baby develop their motor skills and balance.

Features of Levo Rocker:

  • Manual rocker
  • Helps your baby develop their motor skills and balance
  • Made from wood and cotton muslin
  • Lightweight and portable

Feeling more inspired to create your baby registry? Start ticking off your wish list by adding everything you want to your Gift Registry now.

Liked this? Take a read of our article on how to build a registry without regret, plus the best baby shower gift ideas in 2022.

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