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How to care for sore nipples

When you’re establishing breastfeeding, your nipples go through a lot. They can feel sore and get cracked and damaged. Firstly, it's important to learn the breastfeeding technique works for you and your baby. The main reason nipples get sore is from a poor latch. If you can learn about it before your baby arrives this is ideal, if not, get an expert lactation consultant to give you some hands on support, ideally in the comfort of your own home. Then for products, one great preventative measure is using Silverettes, which are silver nursing cups, like nipple covers, that are designed to take the pain out of establishing breastfeeding. You wear over your nipples in your bra, during the first days or weeks of breastfeeding, whenever you’re not feeding, and because they are made from lightweight, medical-grade pure 925 sterling silver they are super-healing because silver is naturally anti-inflam, antimicrobial, and has naturally cooling and healing properties. Use them for as long as you’re experiencing soreness.You could also try a natural measure, breastmilk! Air dry a small amount of expressed breastmilk onto the nipple before putting the bra back on. Breastmilk is natural, free, healing and antibacterial, and is ideal for mildly sore nipples.

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