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How to Give Your Baby a Massage

Baby massage is a beautiful way to connect to your new baby and easily integrate it into a bedtime routine. Massage is soothing for a growing body and can also be calming for the parent. We recommend doing after bath time, just before bed.

Start with a mild/ safe botanical oil, bringing zen-like qualities.

When massaging the back, pop your baby on their tummy and move your massage strokes toward the heart as this works best for circulation and blood flow.

Then move to the feet. Start massaging the arches of their feet. Don’t be scared of having a directive touch. Start from the heel and work your way up to the base of the big toe.

When massaging the belly always do it in a clockwise direction, working in line with the digestive system. Work in circular motions around the abdomen. Again, you can have a firm but gentle touch.

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