How to increase your milk supply, top tips from midwife Aliza Carr

She's a midwife who cares deeply about perinatal mental health and supporting new mums feel their best, but Aliza Carr is the first to admit that breastfeeding isn't easy.

To celebrate the launch of Franjo's Kitchen at the memo, Aliza shared her top tips for increasing milk supply: 

How to increase your milk supply? 

  • Rest
  • Hydration
  • Feed more frequently
  • Eat healthily 
  • Reduce stress
  • Having your baby physically close
  • Try Tanker Toppers

Read on for more detail on each tip!

Tip 1: Resting… as much as you want to roll your eyes at this one, it truly is so critical for milk production, healing your body and ensuring your mental health is okay. We know how tricky that can be with a newborn baby so ask for help and remember, the dishes can wait!

Tip 2: Hydration- breastmilk is a huge % water, so it makes sense that in order to produce breastmilk, you yourself must be hydrated. Aim to drink 3 litres a day of water, another way to optimize hydration is drinking electrolyte filled drinks such as coconut water.

Tip 3: Pumping/feeding more frequently… our bodies work through supply and demand in relation to breastmilk production. The more we ‘extract’ the more our body makes. If your baby is feeding every 3-4 hours already, think about pumping after each feed for 5-10 minutes to increase your supply. This milk can then be given to baby after their breastfed and will signal to your body to up the milk-making!

Tip 4: Eating healthy nourishing foods for your body! Optimizing your body's nutritional intake is critical at this time of your life. Your body is working overtime (how incredible are women's bodies just quietly) to not only create, and birth a human but also nourish this little baby of yours! So love it back, with nutrient-dense, whole foods.

Tip 5: Reducing worry and stress. This is probably the most tricky one as for various reasons new mamas can feel all kinds of stress and pressure. If you can take 15 minutes a day for yourself, do a quick meditation or breathing exercise to calm your body and mind. 

Tip 6: Skin to Skin with your beautiful baby. This means, babies naked skin (they can have a nappy on because being popped on is never a great experience), on your naked chest. Having your baby physically so close to you works some real magic! It helps your body to create all of those beautiful milk-making hormones as well as promoting bonding for you both!

Tip 7: Try Franjos Kitchen Tanker Toppers. They're created by an in house naturopath to nourish you from the inside, optimizing your milk supply. 

Source: Franjos Kitchen